10 Signs Of High Testosterone

10 Signs Of High Testosterone

Signs of high testosterone manifest mainly in the physical as well as emotional features of individuals.  Masculinity, in this context, is primarily dependent on the levels of testosterone- a sex hormone, in the blood.

It functions in developing masculine features, bone structure, and muscle, as well secondary sex characteristics like libido and reproduction. Testosterone also plays a significant role in the brain. Here are some of the most noticeable signs of high testosterone.

Signs of High Testosterone

  1. Deep Alpha Male Voice

One of the essential functions of testosterone in men is the effect it has on voice. During puberty, adolescent boys experience high levels of testosterone leading to deepening of the voice.

The larynx is a hormone-dependent organ. Increased testosterone thickens, lengthens, and matures the vocal cords. Testosterone also causes growth in the larynx cartilage, muscles, and ligaments which result to a drop in pitch.

Testosterone plays a significant role in the strength muscles and their ability to contraction and relaxes. How fast the vocal cords vibrate determines the pitch. The length and thickness of these vocal chords and their ability to contract and relax determines the vibration.

In a nutshell, one of the signs of high testosterone is deepening of the male voice. Also, as the laryngeal cartilage grows, it tilts slightly causing a bump on the throat known as Adam’s apple.

  1. High and Defined Jawline

Testosterone plays a vital role in muscle development and organization. The face has more than 30 muscles.

A high level of testosterone strengthens and tightens muscles resulting to an elaborated jaw line. A sharp jaw leads to a chiseled face that has traceable facial muscles giving a masculine look.

Even though your bone structure is dependent on the bone structure, a sharp and defined jawline is still a sign of high testosterone.

  1. Dense Facial and Body Hair

Hair growth is dependent on testosterone. According to scientists, high testosterone is the reason why men grow beards.

In reality, dihydrotestosterone, DHT, is the primary factor determining hair growth. However, DHT is formed when 5α-reductase enzyme converts Testosterone hormones.

As such, men with high amounts of testosterone have higher DHT and hence increased facial and body hair growth. The chemistry behind hair growth depends on the conversion.

So if your boy has thick facial and body hair that is a sign of high testosterone.

  1. Lower Body Fat

Signs of High Testosterone

High testosterone results in muscle build up which ramps up insulin sensitivity and increases metabolic activities leading to increased fat burning processes instead of muscle wasting.

In men, increased levels of testosterone increases enable the body to handle carbs making sure that the carbohydrates you consume are converted to energy and not shuttled off to fat tissues.

Additionally, having high amounts of testosterone in the blood prevents the formation of new fat cells. If you notice your muscle growing faster than those of your gym friend, it is probably a sign of high testosterone

  1. Strong Sexual Drive

High testosterone leads to increased libido and overall performance. The biology behind this phenomenon results from the body’s ability to convert Testosterone to a form of estrogen known as estradiol.

Testosterone levels are highest in late teens and then start to decrease gradually from 30 years of age. During this period, men experience a high sex drive, frequent erections, and are more eager to experiment with sex.

Since testosterone plays a vital role in muscle development, high levels of testosterone also lead to increased hardness and ability to maintain an erectile. Increased libido in men is simply a sign of high testosterone.

  1. Defined Facial features

We have already established that testosterone plays a major role in muscle development and bone structure as well. High testosterone results in facial changes that usually set men and women apart.

For example, men with high testosterone have increased facial width to height ration- broad face. These men additionally have smaller eyes, pronounced or large noses, large square chins, thicker eyebrows, and enhanced supra-orbital ridge.

These are some of the facial structures that women find most attractive in men. In other words, defined male features on the face are just a sign of high testosterone.

  1. Finger Ratio

The amount of testosterone one is exposed to during pregnancy has been shown to determine the ring finger to index finger ratio. Research indicates that men with longer ring finger than pointer finger were exposed to high testosterone in the womb.

Considering that testosterone plays a major role in muscle organization, a longer ring than index finger could be is a sign of high testosterone.

  1. Broad Shoulders

Signs of High Testosterone

As mentioned earlier, testosterone plays a vital role in bone density and growth as well. In men, testosterone affects their shoulder bones in a more visible manner. Shoulder bones have many androgen receptors.

That is to say that if you have more serum testosterone, these receptors bind to the hormone. The attachment triggers protein synthesis in the muscles.

When the hormone binds to receptors inside shoulder bones, they widen and become denser. If your man has broad shoulders, brace yourself for that is a sure sign of high testosterone.

  1. Aggression

Testosterone plays a crucial role in triggering hostility as well as the enhancement of the muscular system that enables that manifestation. Recent studies have revealed that men with high levels of testosterone are more aggressive than those with lower levels.

There is evidence that people and prisoners who commit violent crimes have high testosterone. Similar studies show that testosterone increases during offensive times in sports and games.

Other studies indicate that the degree of aggressiveness peaks in people who have won competitions, confrontations, and dominant trials. In a nutshell, most individuals with high testosterone are short-tempered and usually respond with violence when irked or incited.

Fighting is often a sport to them. Aggressiveness in men is usually a symptom of high testosterone.

  1. Behavior

Hormones influence the expression of behavior under certain circumstances and environments. In this case, high testosterone affects the expression of confidence in men who identify themselves with social status.

In other words, high testosterone tends to motivate people to accomplish challenges, gives them assertive when speaking in forums, and also reduces chit-chat when involved in something less economical.

Such men usually choose careers or jobs that give them power, money, and fame. They like standing out and being more important than others. If your buddy is very competitive and likes to win, spare him the critics, it is just a sign of high testosterone.

Now you know some of the most common signs of high testosterone. Many a time the levels of testosterone produced by the body depend on genes- factors that influence the expression of a trait.

The good thing is that today, we can change how genes express some physical characteristics. For example, the amount of testosterone synthesized.

So for those that do not have high testosterone they can find natural alternatives, such as Tongkat Ali; Horny Goat Weed; or an Estrogen Blocker. 

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