5 Life-Changing Benefits of Consistently Drinking More Water

Water is the universal solvent. Without it, not only do humans die but the whole world ceases to survive. That’s how important it is. And unlike other nutrients needed by the body, getting dehydrated is far worse than having a deficiency of all the other nutrients. For one, water comprises a huge percentage of the earth and our bodies.

In a way, we could define humans as partly water since it makes up about two-thirds of our body and it influences 100% of all the body’s processes. It is important to drink water and an even better choice, to drink it on a consistent basis rather than only when you feel thirsty. 

Here are the life-changing benefits that you can reap out of simply drinking more water.

Improves Body Appearance through Weight Loss, Faster Metabolism, and Better Skin

Research has found that people who drink water an hour before a meal lose weight faster than those who don’t. Extra water makes you eat less by making you feel full. It also boosts metabolism when taken 30 minutes to an hour before a meal. There are also a lot of instances that people mistake thirst for hunger.

Drinking water when the urge to binge kicks in can help you lose weight and let you realize later on if the desire to eat was really hunger or it was just mere thirst. Considering the weather these days, it is imperative to stay hydrated. Weather conditions have been constantly shifting. At times, the weather can be too hot that people often get heat strokes during unexpectedly warmer days.

Being able to rehydrate, during the hot weather or even during a workout allows replacing all the lost fluids that the body needs. Drinking water also keeps skin moisturized. People who drink more water consistently look significantly younger than those who do not.

Promotes Better Digestion for Healthier Kidneys, Liver, and Large Intestines

Water helps dissolve fat and fiber. Water allows the body to flush toxins by aiding the kidneys and liver in the way they function. Kidneys eliminate waste from the body, balance our fluids, and regulate blood pressure.

Drinking ample amount of water keeps the kidneys working properly. Water also makes elimination easier as it binds with fiber to help clear out the large intestine. When you are not properly hydrated, you can easily get constipated as the colon absorbs water from stools.

Improves Mood Instantly

Water is refreshing that not only does it stimulate metabolism but it also boosts your mental and emotional state. Unlike other nutrients where you need to take a lot of it for a sustained period of time, the effects of drinking water can immediately be felt. When you are parched, it does not help your mood feel better.

Drinking water immediately when you feel thirsty alleviates a certain annoyance in your mood. However, water does not only quench your thirst. Since it has been found out that dehydration can be a cause of headaches and be a migraine trigger, drinking water can bring relief to anyone who drinks at least two cups of water when completely dehydrated.

Helps You Focus and Be Alert

Dehydration can cause you to concentrate less, impair your attention span, memory, motor skills, and creativity. On the outside, it might seem like the water we drink goes to our stomach and we use it to sweat. However, a huge percentage of the brain is also made up of water. Naturally, when you are dehydrated, the part of the brain which is mainly water tends to disallow neurons from functioning efficiently.

Dehydration causes the brain tissues to shrink. In such case, the brain has to double its work to perform at the same level as when it was not dehydrated. A study also found that students who brought water during their exams performed better than those who didn’t.

Improves Overall Well-Being

Drinking ample amount of water helps the immune system fight off the flu, cancer, and other diseases. A person’s fluid intake can be related to the risk of bladder cancer. The greater the fluid intake, specifically water, the lower is the risk for bladder cancer. Urinating frequently removes toxins and buildup of possible carcinogens in the bladder. Staying hydrated is also known to reduce the risk of other cancers such as breast cancer and colon cancer.

People who suffer from urinary tract infection can also battle it by drinking more water. It also keeps muscles elastic and joints well-lubricated so you have less risk of joint pain. It aids in keeping the body healthy. When you are unhealthy, you feel tired, exhausted and even morose. It’s also free! You can save some cash by drinking water instead of buying that expensive soda or latte. Having a healthy body by making sure you keep yourself hydrated is one of the surefire ways to feel great and look great! 

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