5 Cornerstones To Building A Lean And Muscular Physique

A lean muscular physique and a toned body is a dream come true to many. Muscle builders, athletes, and models have a muscular build that drives many crazy.

Seeing these people glory in their fitness can take a jealousy turn on anyone. But anyone can improve their physique and build a lean body. Here are the 5 cornerstones to building a lean and muscular physique.

  1. Eat Right To Build Lean Muscle

Diet can determine general frame. As such it becomes a foundation for building a lean and muscular physique.

First, diet plays a vital role in determining how much energy is available to help exercise more without fatigue.

Exhaustion and fatigue results when lactic acid builds up in your muscle cells. That causes oxidative stress. It may make muscle building feel like swimming uphill.

Taking meals rich in antioxidant relieves you that stress. Antioxidants protect your cells from the destructive free radicals.

These nutrients will help you reduce chances of fatigue and lethargy. Antioxidants are in abundance in fruits like lemons, grapefruits, and blueberries, and leafy green vegetables.

As a muscle builder consider taking grass-fed beef. Beef provides the best source of conjugated Linoleic acid. CLA helps you shed fat fast and build lean muscle fast.

During a break, gallop some beetroot juice. It has Nitric Oxide which eases recovery and also increases energy output.

Take lots of leafy green vegetables. They are rich in glutamine-important in lean muscle growth. They also increase muscle strength and endurance.

Diet also plays a significant role in regulating testosterone levels. Testosterone plays a vital role in muscle building and fat burning.

A healthy diet with adequate amounts of zinc increases your testosterone. Magnesium and Vitamin B6 help your body absorb zinc. They also convert cholesterol into testosterone. Magnesium helps you fall asleep and makes you sleep for longer.

  1. Workout for Your Fitness Mission

Exercise is the best and safest way of building a lean and muscular physique. Working out helps you burn fat fast.

Exercises increase your metabolism giving you more energy for more and practical training. You should know that your mission of muscle building is yours, not your muscles.

The body is adapted to survival. As such to build a lean body, you will have to make your muscle grow.

Working out in the morning is one of the fastest ways to build muscle. At that time testosterone levels are at peak. This hormone will make your muscular physique mission feeling a homecoming event.

Testosterone has many benefits most importantly helps you build muscle fast, increases your endurance and strength and energy output.

To facilitate muscle growth remember that consistent is the key. Without consistent, your goals become invalidated by your inability to stay focused.

  1. Lift Weight to Strengthen Your Muscles

Weight lifting is a vital cornerstone in your muscular physique goals. For best results always start with a prolonged warm up.

Warming up will help your muscles push weight. It also puts strength on tendons and ligaments to help support the resistance. The more muscular you get, the more time you need to warm up. A muscle warm-up readies the injury.

A lean and muscular body weight lifting program should focus on progressive overload. That eliminates probabilities of overtraining and muscle injury.

Progressive overload is where you start small and build up one step at a time. Remember that the body is fine-tuned for survival, not being muscular. But being aggressive can give satisfactory results.

Muscles adapt quickly, but the effectiveness of one challenging workout can fade as fast too. Thus accustom to increasing the weights you lift.

Never let yourself fall into a comfort zone where you lift one type of weight daily. For change to occur, you need aggression.

Aim to raise more every phase. That means concentrate on one form of exercise a day and move on to another the next. That will burn fat and develop abs fast.

Try doing sets of wide-grip movements. These weights help perpetuate the illusion of a narrow waistline if you have a block physique.

Very few people have the V-taper body form. People wanting a lean body also want a smaller waist. To do so put more emphasis on upper back and middle delta. Do more upright rows and lateral raises during your shoulder day.

  1. Take Muscle Building Supplements

One of the most underrated muscle building supplement is Tongkat Ali. This supplement is the ultimate cornerstone for those looking to build muscle. Testosterone is a male hormone that contributes a lot to your overall physique.

Men with low testosterone do not gain muscle quickly. Those with adequate amount thrive in the muscle growth, energy, and strength provided by the hormone.

Increased testosterone helps to improve fat to lean mass muscle ratio in men. Tongkat Ali is also a natural anabolic.

It helps you burn fat fast. As your metabolism rises, so does your energy levels, meaning longer and more effective exercises. When your testosterone hormone is on point, and the anabolic effects are in perfect condition, muscle building is a walk in the park.

Bodybuilders who have used Tongkat Ali credit if for its ability to increase endurance and maintain strength. It also reduces fatigue. In a nutshell, Tongkat Ali is the body’s natural steroid.

Unlike most medications and supplements, Tongkat Ali is not habit forming. That is because it does not make your body release more testosterone.

What is does is boost the number of Leydig cells (synthesize testosterone), and release testosterone from the sex binding globulin. SBG makes testosterone unavailable for the body.

Tongkat Ali releases it. As more testosterone flows in your blood vessels, the more fat you burn as you build muscle.

Testosterone brings aggression which in turn triggers the need to compete. This hormone is critical when looking to build a lean and muscular physique.

Even workouts and weightlifting do increase testosterone. To make sure the levels of testosterone are stable, diet right and take Tongkat Ali. Do not let fattened body hinder you from being muscular. 

  1. Sleep to Recover and Heal

Sleep facilitates recovery and rejuvenation. Not even the best training routine, weight lifting, diet, and supplementing can compensate for insufficient rest. At times sleep is the only way of getting some relaxing time.

Sleep produces growth hormones, and protein synthesis occurs during this period too. In men, about 60% of growth hormone synthesis occurs during sleep. HGH has a profound effect on physical fitness.

Sleep reduces energy consumption thereby facilitates body restoration. It also reduces the levels of adenosine- a secretion that reflects brain activities.

A lower adenosine during the night results to increased alertness during the day. Mental alertness drives motivation. These elements are crucial if you want to gain a build up physique.

In a nutshell, sleep serves as a growth and recovery phase. Without adequate sleep, gym time is to a great extent, a waste of time.

When working out or weight lifting to for a lean muscular body, consider eating before sleeping. Going to bed long after eating makes the body degrade muscle to provide amino acids needed for protein syntheses. Eating then sleeping beats catabolic effects of sleep. It allows for more protein synthesis. Nocturnal eating can also offset catabolic effects.

Building a lean and muscular physique depends on how much effort you put. I hope that you will use these cornerstones to make you fitness goals come true. Remember that consistent, motivation, progressive workload, diet, and sleep is the founders of a lean muscular body.

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