Best Natural Aromatase Inhibitors for Men

Why should men look for the best Aromatase Inhibitors?

Ageing is cruel but nothing is crueler than the impact of changing hormones on the man’s body. After the age of thirty estrogen begins to increase, which causes a decrease in testosterone. 

This decrease in testosterone causes a number of health concerns for men. Testosterone is important in muscle creation and in the production of Leydig cells in the testicles. 

This means that men struggle to lose fat, especially around the middle and cannot produce semen.  There are issues of baldness and potential loss of libido. 

More importantly, arguably, the loss of testosterone can also cause a decrease in dopamine and an increase in cortisol.  This means depression and anxiety is a common symptom of aromatase.

Natural Aromatase Inhibitors

For men, it is likely that the impact that will most upset them is the loss of libido and the erectile dysfunction.  The premature ejaculation and the long recovery times between orgasm. 

It is this impact and the potential crisis this can cause in relationships that will most upset men.  This might seem superficial but in effect testosterone is the important aspect of manliness.

It is easy to argue that aromatase is a natural process to dampen the drive of men.  The need for the human body to be fertile diminishes the older a man gets. 

Therefore, the drive to have sex, in the perspective of nature, is pointless.  Children have been had, the drive of survival of a species has been fulfilled, thus the role of nature is to dampen the urges of men.  

This will also protect the man’s body from being overly energized and potentially aggressive approach to life.  As we are getting increasing life expectancy, the time when we would consider ourselves old is getting later and later. 

Clearly, thirty years old is far too young to be considered past the point of fertility even.

So, if the human body is starting to demand an aromatase inhibitor, what is it?

Aromatase inhibitors prevent estrogen from building up and therefore allows the man to naturally produce the testosterone needed for a healthy middle and old age. 

Traditionally these aromatase inhibitors are given to post-menopausal women to prevent mood disorders, balding, and also the possibility of developing breast cancer. 

Tamoxifen is the pharmaceutical drug of choice – a powerful chemical compound that has some serious side effects, including menopausal symptoms and insomnia.

Natural aromatase inhibitors help the body to produce testosterone naturally, without the dramatic side effects of synthesized drugs.  One of the best natural aromatase inhibitors is Chrysin. 

There are lots of other aromatase inhibitor supplements but, this supplement not only helps to support the testosterone production with limited side effects, but also has other major health benefits.

There are many reasons why you would declare Chrysin as the best aromatase inhibitor. 

Chrysin benefits men so much because it is natural but also because it doesn’t force the body into testosterone production. Here are some facts about this natural aromatase inhibitor.

What is Chrysin?

Chrysin is a flavonoid compound, which is biologically active, and extracted from plants, honey and porpolis, which is essentially bee glue.  Most types of Chrysin come from the plant Passiflora coerula – which is a member of a passion flower family.   

How does Chrysin work?

It is a basic ingredient in quite a few estrogen blockers and is added to a lot of testosterone gels.  It works by blocking the aromatase enzyme or at least suppressing it. 

By blocking this enzyme, your body won’t change testosterone into estrogen.  It is simple as that.  The use of Chrysin began in 1984 when a study found that in high doses the flavonoid inhibited the enzyme, in a lab as opposed to in a man’s body. 

So, at this point it was still theoretical but the study was persuasive enough to prompt a large number of products.

What are the benefits of Chrysin?

By blocking the enzyme, estrogen is prevented from destroying testosterone.  This means that all the problems of low testosterone are prevented. 

This means a man would not gain weight around the middle, he would not lose his hair as much, he would be able to gain lean muscle and he would avoid the sexual dysfunctions brought about by low testosterone.

However, the benefits are greater than this.  Chrysin is an anti-inflammatory and an anti-oxidant. 

This means that the many of the major life-limiting conditions, such as cardio problems, stroke and cancer can be prevented with the use of Chrysin, as well as less serious issues of gout and general inflammation.  There is also a lot of anecdotal evidence to support the idea that it can solve anxiety problems.

The science community are most interested in the potential of Chrysin to help in treatment and prevention of colon cancer.  As colon cancer is such a devastating condition, this in itself is a huge reason to take the supplement.

What dose should I take?

The dosage ranges from 400mg through to 3000mg and higher doses are recommended, as bioavailability of the supplement is weak in comparison to other extracts. 

The impact of the supplement will build up over time.  Therefore, even if you do not feel the benefits of Chrysin in the beginning, it is worth persevering.

In short

Natural Aromatase Inhibitors

Aromatase is the natural process of estrogen destroying testosterone.  As men grow older, post 30, the amount of estrogen increases gradually.

With this increase in estrogen and decrease in testosterone, men suffer a number of unpleasant symptoms – not least to their sexual performance.  Hormonal balance is pretty much the key to a healthy human mind and body – therefore low testosterone is more than just erectile dysfunction and loss of libido. 

Hormonal balance is pretty much the key to a healthy human mind and body – therefore low testosterone is more than just erectile dysfunction and loss of libido. 

Chrysin is one of the best natural aromatase inhibitors.  As a bi-product of honey and bee glue and passion flowers – it is a flavonoid that works to suppress the enzyme that causes aromatase.  Body builders have long since backed the use of Chrysin to increase testosterone, so it is common sense to suggest it should be the supplement of choice for all men.

Body builders have long since backed the use of Chrysin to increase testosterone, so it is common sense to suggest it should be the supplement of choice for all men.



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