How does L-Theanine help in Reducing Anxiety?

Anxiety is one of the most common mental illnesses prevalent today. Almost everywhere in the globe, anxiety is universal and this accumulates for different reasons. As per a statistic, the rate of anxiety rose up to an alarming level of 50% from 1990 to 2013. The reasons for the increase in a number have a lot to do with heavy industrializations, competition, and pollution being among the leading reasons. Anxiety has reached a point, where 1 in every 5 persons has anxiety, and the number is increasing.

Anxiety is treated in such a way, like treating any other health condition. Aside from therapeutic treatments offering a great deal of support, anxiety is dealt with the help of based alternatives. One of the more popular forms of L-Theanine containing products is green tea, which has proven to be a great source of treating anxiety. Medical researches advocate the usage of L-Theanine and its impact in reducing caffeine effects, which contributes a major reason in increasing anxiety.

So the next question on how does Theanine help in reducing anxiety?

Theanine comprises of Amino Acids, which are present in almost all the regular food we consume. These are, however, one of the nonessential amino acids, which are among the list of nondietary amino acid. Products such as black teas and green teas are good agents containing Theanine. This property is responsible for giving a great sleep to the affected parties, while anxiety and depression are known for their sleep disturbing traits.

In another statistic, nations with heavy tea consumption like Japan and China see a lower rate of anxiety and depression. This is because both nations consume green tea alternatives, which comprises the chemicals.

Analysis of L-Theanine: How It Fights the issue with Simple Alternatives?

L-Theanine has been under research for many years, and they are responsible for reducing symptoms of anxiety. Problems like palpitation, sweating, and restlessness are some of the commonly seen habits for those dealing with anxiety. With L-Theanine, the chemical works as an anxiolytic, this helps the brain in reducing the feel of anxiety during stressed out situations. Although the effect is not sedative by any means, this is more of a therapeutic measure, which assures no negative effects will embroil.

Theanine is very effective for people, who face the plight of insomnia, which is one more condition where sleeplessness is imminent. Scientists, on the other hand, have researched where boys with ADHD and showed positive results. With the analysis requiring on consumption of 400mg daily of L-Theanine, the supplement came up with no side effects and has proven to be a worthy product for treating anxiety.

L-Theanine works through the brain and blood gateway and swiftly enters the barrier by using the leucine-preferring means to settle inside. Once settled in, the chemical reacts according to neurophysiological and pharmacological means. The product modules serotonin and dopamine in specific areas and in return triggers the cortical neuron for having anti-anxiety effects.

How Useful in Theanine to Human Brain

L-Theanine works to regulate serotonin levels alongside dopamine levels. These two are the chemicals, which is responsible for sending signals for mood swings in human beings. Moreover, with an increase in levels of an agent called as a brain-derived-neurotrophic factor, issues such as stress, tension, and most importantly anxiety are under control.

Final Words on L-Theanine

L-Theanine is available in natural forms in the form of green and black tea. Nations like Japan use Theanine based products in many other foods, while for global consumers; only tea is the main alternative. There are, however, capsule-based alternatives available in the market, which should be consumed after getting under medical supervision.





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