How to be More Confident in Bed

We may be modest or proud but it is no secret to the world that there is some hidden pride in being good in bed. Why not? Didn’t the human race flourish because of our ability to have sex?

So let’s set aside that notion of sex being such a taboo -- admit it, it is a fairly natural and human thing. You wouldn’t be alive without that sort of activity.

Since we also believe that awareness is key to any knowledge, let us begin with knowing what makes us improve our ability as well as our confidence in the bedroom.

Look your best.

It is no rocket science that looking good feigns that feeling of confidence. Whether it is taking care of your skin, sleeping well, exercising, and wearing clothes that you feel comfortable with and look good with, it helps boost your sense of confidence.

Just imagine even flirting with someone at the time when you have an obvious unconcealable zit, or perhaps imagine being in bed wearing a not-so-flattering underwear.

Scenarios like that can be total deal-breakers. Like most things in life, preparation is always key. A speaker always prepares his speech before he becomes confident of what he has to say.

If not, he has to at least be quite familiar with the things he has to say. Otherwise, it just wouldn’t work. The same goes for sexual confidence. Look your best.

Knowing that the other person sees you in a flattering and pleasant look will get rid of the insecurities that come with not preparing yourself.

So if you know that your next date will somehow lead to the four walls of the bedroom, don’t hesitate to get that lingerie you’ve been looking at the store.

Or fix your hair and don that perfect perfume. The no-makeup makeup look works well in giving you that natural effortless beauty.


Start at your own pace.

Some people who are not very confident about sex feel like they need to start slow in fear that the other partner may become quite uncomfortable. There is no rule book when it’s about getting slow.

By all means, if the other person is in the same bed with you, there is some reason he or she is there. There is an attraction, to be sure. So start slow if you feel that the other person finds it the most convenient route.

But after the initial shyness is gone, and you feel like setting a faster pace and going experimental, then let confidence lead the way. Confidence is not about following guides.

You can be told to do things slowly by any sex guru but confidence hardly follows any pace. A self-assured person (in a positive way) who oozes with confidence does not really care what the people say.

He or she does what he wants because it makes him feel good and pleasured.


Be physically energetic

Imagine a scenario where you are with the hottest girl or guy in the world. You are in a romantic setting. Perhaps in a bedroom conducive for all that romance.

And then no matter how attractive your partner is, you just do not have the energy to pleasure each other. What a flop! That would be a tragedy. Sexual activity requires physical strength and relatively high sex drive.

Do you ever notice why the healthy ones have better sex? You will not ever have the confidence no matter how good looking you are if you have no energy and sex drive.

So load yourself up on the nutrients that can make you feel good and sexually inclined. Take supplements such as Tongkat Ali, known as Longjack or Eurycoma longifolia.

The herb is considered as a herbal viagra that works to stimulate sexual drive and energy for both men and women. A little bit of regular exercise will also give you the confidence to be physically ready when the time comes.

You just can’t give what you can’t have.

Some people expect they’d feel confident by pleasuring the other. Well, that’s good. But how would you even give pleasure if you don’t know what it is?

Experiment with yourself. Yes, you read it right. Masturbation is key. This is not only for men but also for women. Practice having orgasms by yourself and you’ll find that it will be easier for you to orgasm no matter who your partner is.

And you’ll find that you’ll be able to adapt ways in order to let your partner orgasm because you yourself are already adept at it. Compare it to the time you haven’t masturbated.

Everything would seem like trigonometry, chemistry, and higher math combined. So start with yourself. That one is literal.


Watch porn

Watching DIY videos is quite common if you want to know how to start to do something effectively, such as cooking, knitting, and even singing.

Well, that is not so far from the truth when it also comes to sex. The professional pleasure makers are present in the online community readily giving out thousands of tips for you to be an instant expert in bed.

Use that for your own benefit. Knowing that you are sexually able and knowledgeable will give you unique edge among the rest of the ordinary population.

That will also make you a memorable partner. That partner will always remember you as the one who did that extra something that none of the others did. It’s quite taboo in most cultures but hey, we weren’t given the sense of pleasure as well as sight if it was evil.

So perhaps you should start watching a bit of porn - you’ll be surprised at how good you become. And perhaps you’ll be deemed as your partner’s best sex.

Communicate openly

Do not be shy to tell your partner how you want it to be done. And do not be shy to ask how you want it to be done. Some people have different preferences in sexual foreplay.

Some are others are not comfortable with the type of foreplay you do. Perhaps you are too experimental or too timid. There is no way to know that except by doing and asking.

So talk about it. It will also give you an added sense of intimacy and connection that may elevate to a better and deeper relationship. That way you won’t be guessing what the other person wants.

You’ll know it exactly without the mind games that may turn out to be disappointing. This also proves that dogma that if you want something, say it.

These are surefire tips to help you boost your confidence in bed. Add up a sense of positivity and put a smile on that face. No one wants a grumpy partner.

With this knowledge, you’ll be confident that it won’t matter if sex is a taboo for most cultures if you have the confidence and stamina to enjoy it.



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