How to Increase a Man's Fertility

How to Increase a Man's Fertility

The problem

There is a common misconception that women want children more than men.  There is an idea that men can enjoy fertility throughout their life and only women worry about their reduced ability to conceive as they age.  At the age of 30 men enter into a process were the body produces estrogen.  This estrogen metaphorically eats up testosterone.  Testosterone imbues in men a sense of potency but also directly impacts on the Leydig cells in the testicles, which means a man’s body produces less sperm.  In short, as men age, they become less fertile. 

Increase a man's fertility

The impact of estrogen on men is similar to the menopause on women.  However, this process is called the andropause and the impacts can be just as upsetting to men as it is to women.  With most things that are not spoken about, there is little sense that men can succumbed to the ill-effects of andropause.  The impotence, the low fertility, the more flaccid erection, the longer rest time between erections – these are all the areas of jokes – the men embarrassed and silent.  The truth is – this is no laughing matter.

Imagine if you have lived a vital life.  You enjoy a healthy sex life and you are proud of the relationship you enjoy with your partner.  Then, gradually, your sexual responsiveness decreases.  It takes longer for a full erection and it takes direct and intense stimulation of the genitals to maintain this erection.  Your orgasms are less intense and the semen volume decreases.  It may take many hours for the penis to recover and in fact there may be a complete lack of interest in sex.  What had been a symbol of a healthy relationship with a much loved partner, now becomes tainted with worry and recrimination.  Do you love your partner less? Do you find your partner less attractive? Do you need to find someone else to increase the excitement in your life?

Suddenly, what is a joke is in fact a nightmare.

It is important that men accept that it is appropriate and completely valid to pursue a solution to a hormonal imbalance.  It is crucial that men feel able to openly talk about their sexual desire and their sexual ability, so they can explain the loss of feeling and loss of arousal.  It is central to a couple’s continued happiness for the man to seek a resolution to this process of ageing in the body.  With openness, with a desire to find a solution, with an acceptance that men deserve to seek a remedy to their serious physical and mental distress.

The Science

So, what is biological process involved that needs remedy?  There are a number of inter-related conditions.  First, the body produces less luteinizing hormone from the pituitary.  This is the hormone that stimulates testicular production of testosterone.  Furthermore, there are fewer and less responsive Leydig cells.  Then, there is an increase in SHBG protein in the blood, which reduces the activity of testosterone because it has bound itself to the protein.  The body produces less DHT, which is necessary to sexual function.  Testosterone directly impacts on an increase in dopamine production and estrogen reduces dopamine.  Therefore, it is likely that these symptoms will be matched with a feeling of depression.

The solution is to take a testosterone booster.  If this was packaged like an aspirin for a headache or as a benzodiazepine for anxiety, then the idea of a pill to overcome the condition would not be questioned.  However, a testosterone stimulant is packaged as something akin to a sex aid for a dirty old man.  Nothing more could be true.  This is a medication that can significantly reduce distress in men, who like women with the menopause, are struggling mentally and physically with the changes in their body.

How SD-200 can help

SD-200 is the most effective testosterone aid on the market.  It is a potent aphrodisiac but it is also a natural boost to men’s testosterone levels.  The idea that this will improve libido, give a longer and harder erection, increase muscle mass and strength – these are all the headline winning effects that in some respects feeds into the prejudice and embarrassment.

Increase a Man's fertility

The main impact of SD-200 is that it will boost men’s energy and boost men’s vitality.  It will make them feel alive again.  The link between testosterone and dopamine is central to the reason why men should take SD-200.  It will relieve the sense of lowness and the sense that some aspect of manliness has been lost.  We can joke that men judge themselves by the strength of their erection, however, the truth is that there is a direct connection between happiness and the testosterone that is being eroded by age.

SD-200 is derived from Tongkat Ali, Eurycoma Longifolia or Longjack.  You may have also heard it referenced as Malaysian ginseng.  This is a flowering plant in the family Simaroubaceous.  This is native to Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand.  It less widely grown on Vietnam and Laos.  Like many exotic plants grown in this area, traditional medicines have grown to understand that these herbs can positively impact on the body.

Just because this is a natural based product, the potency of the biochemical compound in the supplement should not be underestimated.  Often, these herbs are more effective than the chemically synthesised products created in pharmaceutical labs.  The wisdom of centuries of ancient medicine healers is often no match for the advertising power of the larger drug companies.

Here is some evidence that will persuade you of the power of SD-200.  In 2012, a study of Malaysian men of 76 men showed that only about 35% of these subjects had normal levels of testosterone needed for a healthy and balanced sex life.  These men were given a dose of Tongkat Ali over the course of a month.  At the end of the trial some 90% of the men had normal testosterone levels.  This is a dramatic result.

A separate double-blind placebo study found that men consuming Tongkat Ali on a daily basis experienced improvements in erectile function, libido, semen volume.  Quite a few of these men also experience fat loss and muscle gain.

It sounds very much like this is a natural Viagra and already there are jokes forming in your mind about the little blue pill.  However, SD-200 by extension also improves dopamine levels – so can combat depression.  It also increases fertility.  Therefore, men craving the role of father are given the opportunity to fulfil their desire to build a family that they can care for and nurture.  Remember, this desire is not the sole right of women.  It is a consequence of sexist mindset that suggest a man doesn’t have equal right to pursue a family past the age when the body is in its prime to achieve conception.

Increasing a man's fertility

The truth is in the study of 76 men, where 90% had normal testosterone levels at the end, the number of reported pregnancies was 15%.

So, rather than a sex aid, which SD-200 most definitely is but maybe not helpfully so, let’s consider SD-200 as an anti-ageing stress relieving natural herbal remedy.  The aim of taking the supplement is to improve your sense of well-being.  Many studies have proven that Tongkat Ali can stimulate testosterone production which in turn reduces fatigue and improves a sense of wellbeing.  These studies are more interesting and more conclusive than some of the studies that only focus on the libido and sperm production of men.  This is because they address the fundamental right of all human beings to feel happy and feel energised.

In a double blind placebo trial 63 people, half men and half women, where given Tongkat Ali.  There were significant differences in the tension, anger and levels of confusion in those given the supplement – men or women.  The stress hormone profile of those taking the supplement was significantly improves, with a reduction in cortisol exposure with the increase in status of testosterone.  This study suggests that SD-200 could be use by both men and women to manage mood state and that this ancient remedy should be considered as a remedy to modern ailments such as chronic stress.  It can also help with the effects of sleep deprivation and improve the impact of exercise.

Men and fertility

However, the question remains: why do we have to search around for acceptable reasons for men to aspire to improved fertility?  Why do we need studies that say it makes you happier and it gives you more energy? Surely, it is perfectly fine for SD-200 to be the perfect aid for a man to get the kid that he desires to make his life complete. Or, more controversially still, that is perfectly acceptable for a man to want to enjoy a full and active sex life with his life partner or his new love.

We are living longer lives.  Thirty is no longer old, it is no longer even middle age.  Most people by the age of thirty are still bumming around wondering what life will be like when they grow up.  So, the hormonal impact of moving beyond thirty is becoming more and more a hindrance to the normal lives of men.  Therefore, at some point it is really important that we get over ourselves and accept that hormonal supplementation is a great choice and a means of living a fuller and happier life.

SD-200 will improve semen production.  It will improve the ejaculation at orgasm and therefore improve men’s chances of fertilising the egg of the female.  It will improve libido and decrease the time between erections.  It will prevent the flaccid penis and will improve the self-esteem, whilst lowering the stress levels of men.  This, all in all, will have a miraculous impact on the fertility of men and the chances of fatherhood.  And, you will have fun and love life a little more too!  All round, SD-200 or Tongkat Ali or Malaysian ginseng or herbal Viagra – whatever you call it – will do wonders for your life – and it is ok to want that!

Side effects, if any?

All biochemical compounds when taken can have side effects.  Your medic will tell you that the prescription of any drug is a balance of risk and reward.  Some anti-depressants cause depressions, some pain killers cause headaches.  It is one of those things.  There is a chance that with the increase in energy that you might struggle to sleep.  The increased energy can also manifest itself in increased aggression in some.  Also, it can also cause fevers in some people.  This might just mean you change the time you take your dose, or you lower the dose until a point that your body reacts more positively.  Overall, the tolerance for SD-200 is pretty impressive.

Why SD-200 and not some other Tongkat Ali?

Well, there are a lot of claims and counter claims about which is the best form of the supplement.  Here are some rules to live by when buying the supplement.  You need to buy the extract and not just the powder.  The powder doesn’t contain enough of the active ingredient to have the effect you want.  Preferably buy a product with only extract in it – not a combination of extract and powder. You also need the extract to come in the right concentration – and that is where the 200 comes in – this is the right amount of the active ingredient to have the positive affects you hope for. So, all in all, the reason why SD-200 is your best buy is because it fulfils all the criteria for the best quality and most effective Tongkat Ali on the market.

Therefore, if you want to improve your fertility, it is perfectly acceptable to seek support.  If a woman wanted hormone treatment for the menopause there would be little question that this should happen.  If a man wants help with the andropause, people will first go: the what? And then they will chuckle behind their hands.  This is a new form of sexual inequality and one that you certainly do not have to live with!


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