How to Orgasm Together

Surprise, there is actually such a thing called simultaneous orgasms. By now, you must have heard about it, experienced it, or know someone who told you about. The bad news is that most partners do not experience it - either the male orgasms but the female does not or they both orgasm separately.

The good news is, we provide ways on how you can achieve it. Simultaneous orgasms are quite rare and you will notice based on researching or asking around that the ones who experience it are the more experienced ones or experimental ones. That takes us to the first tip on how to achieve it.

  1.    Know how to orgasm

Not all couples actually orgasm. Only one-third of women in relationships have an orgasm and three-quarters of men in their relationship experience it. That is a wild number to consider. So if you want to have simultaneous orgasms, begin at least with knowing how to have one.

You cannot do something together unless you know how to do it yourself. It is easier to teach it to men, in fact, it doesn’t require any teaching. However, it is a different story for women. A woman needs to know how to orgasm first before you even try to do it together with her. This will bring you to the next step.

  1.    Set aside time

Some people talk about wanting to have a good sex life but they just do not have time. What planet do they want to go to if that is their way of thinking? Anything worthwhile requires the time to train and do it. So if you want to actually want to know how to orgasm or do it together, it will never be possible if you do not set aside time to do it. You might think that this one is quite extreme. But think about it, most people these days, young or old are trapped in the vicious cycle or work and et cetera. Don’t let your life be dictated by the world’s schedule. Set your own schedule and put the things that matter for you within that schedule.

If you want to lose weight, set aside at least 15 minutes for exercise every day or even every other day. If you want to learn a language, set 30 minutes for it. It’s not as if everything that you want to do requires full day. It is a matter of setting your priorities and putting them within the time you have. So if your sex life is something that you want to improve on and if an orgasm together with your partner is something you want to do, set aside time for it.

You can read all the articles you want on how to improve it, but if you don’t set aside time for it and do it, none of it will really help.

  1. Communication

Communication is key, is something that you’ve often heard in many aspects of advice. This also goes when it comes to relationships. If you are in a relationship with your sexual partner, then do not be shy to open up how you want him or her to do things. Perhaps he or she is too conservative and you want to try out something that you think will help you both to orgasm together, or perhaps you want to try something which is a little too daring.

You’ll never know unless you try or tell your partner. If you are a woman and will want to be on top to orgasm, let him know and ask him if there is something he wants you to do for him to orgasm while you are on top. The conversation will be quite tense at first especially if you have been together for a few months. But if it will make your relationship or your sexual intercourse much better, then talk about it. There is always room for improvement.

  1. Knowing what you want

The moment you already know how to orgasm, you’ll start knowing the thoughts that stimulate you as well as the position. If you are in a monogamous relationship, it will be both easier and harder for you. Let me explain that a bit more.

Being in a monogamous relationship helps you communicate and know the person more which will make it easier to know how both of you want to do things. However, being in a monogamous relationship is also a little hard because after you’ve transcended the level because being too familiar with each other also breeds contempt. The excitement can be gone. And this brings us to the next thing.

  1. Be experimental

Science projects need a lot of experiments to come up with good hypotheses and theories. You might want to argue that you are not a science experiment. But life, whether you want it or not, is full of experiments and it will lead you to more discoveries if you do so. So be bold and try out new things with your partner.

  1. Enhance your libido

One of the easiest ways to increase the chances of having an orgasm together is by literally increasing your libido and sex drive. And no, we do not just refer to one of you but we mean both of you. There are certain natural supplements that fire up your testosterone. Testosterone helps both males and females to increase your sex drive. Unlike popular belief that testosterone is only for males, females also benefit from a little boost in their testosterone levels.

Taking supplements such as Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma Longifolia) will help increase your sex drive. This will make it a lot easier for you both to let go of your inhibitions, communicate, be experimental, and go for hours. Because how will you actually have an orgasm together if you have no sex drive and energy? The best thing about supplements like Tongkat Ali is that, since it is natural, it does not have any side effects.

The Bottom Line

Having a simultaneous orgasm is quite rare but these tips that we mentioned will help you achieve it. Take it to heart and mind. These things work because of how easy they are to follow. It has worked for a lot of people and these tips are the easiest ways they followed to achieve it. You’ll be thanking us soon for it. Yes, you’re welcome.

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