Last Longer in bed with Longjack

As much as Longjack sounds like a pirate from days of old, it is in fact an herb found in the rainforests and mountain tops of Indonesia and Malaysia.  It is a relatively rare plant but one much sought after by those who know the ancient herbal traditions of centuries.  It is well known as a testosterone booster and it will bring back some of the youthful energy and staying power that you likely yearn for – mostly because it will make you last longer in bed.

What is Longjack?

Longjack is also know as Eurycoma Longifolia, Pasak Bumi or, more commonly, Tongkat Ali.  It is a shrub, somewhere between a plant and a tree, and it is the woody root that contains the active ingredients that make this herb so valuable. It is a flowering plant that can reach 10 metres in height when fully mature. Folklore of the South-East Asian people say that the plant must be at least 10 years old before the root is powerful enough to impact upon a human's health, including their testosterone level.

How has it been traditionally used?

The indigenous people of Indonesia and Malaysia boil the root and make it into a health tonic.  The tonic is used as an aphrodisiac but also as relief from a fever, dysentery, diarrhea, indigestion and jaundice.  In Vietnam they use it for the treatment of malaria and in Malaysia to relieve headaches and stomach pains.

Many native Indonesians are still employed to harvest the root, with full belief that ancient knowledge cannot be replaced.  The harvest and extraction process is crucial as since commercialisation of the root has taken hold, there have been problems with contamination, with lead, and adulteration when a lot of companies have faked the product.  This is why it is important to buy your Longjack or Tongkat Ali from a supplier that uses the term "genuine" or "pure".

How does it work?

Men, as they grow older, go through andropause.  This is largely not acknowledged – believing that only women, with the menopause, lose fertility and sex drive. The idea that men are immune is far from the truth.  From the age of 30, men's testosterone level begins to gradually drop.  There are two processes involved: aromatase and the binding of testosterone to human growth hormones – known as SHBG.


This is the process where the male body produces more estrogen.  This estrogen destroys testosterone.  This is troublesome because it lowers sex drive, is a cause of erectile dysfunction, lengthens the time between ejaculations and softens the erection.  It is also a worry because it causes fatigue, depression and irritability.  This is because testosterone encourages dopamine release and destroys cortisol.  So, men low on testosterone will not only be distraught by poor performance in bed but also have hormonal balance that causes mood disorders.


Sex Hormone Binding Globule actively attaches itself to testosterone.  Once testosterone is attached to SHBG it is no longer actively available to the body.  This is increasingly a problem as a man grows older.

In evolution terms, it is sensible for the body to have developed these mechanisms to dull the sexual drive of the man.  As a man grows older, to continue to have the drive of youth could cause injury and exhaustion.  In historical terms, 30 years old would have been the age when men would have already created a family.  This means that there is little need, in nature's terms, for a man to have sex.

However, in reality, 30 years old is now the time when most people – men and women –hitting adulthood.  Life expectancy has increased significantly and 50 is no longer old.  Therefore, our bodily mechanism is potentially making a man infertile at the very point of life when they want to have children.  If this is not the case, the body's functions is potentially making a man old for nearly half his life.

Longjack helps because it prevents these two natural bodily processes.  This means you will continue to have the testosterone levels of youth – which means you will be able to last as long in bed and be ready to have sex again soon after.

Why Longjack and not other products?


Hormone Replacement Therapy and Viagra both come with significant risks of side effects.  HRT in particular can increase the risk of prostate cancer and many medics would rather encourage lifestyle changes than prescribe Hormone Replacement Therapy for men.  It can also cause infertility.  This is because it boosts the amount of testosterone being produced, boosting it in an unnatural way that means the body could eventually stop producing testosterone. 

Viagra also has some nasty side effects including sniffing, flushes and the potential for the erection to carry on for a dangerous amount of time.  This could lead to a man needing surgical intervention, with three incisions along the veins in the penis.

Longjack, on the other hand, works to prevent the processes that stop production of testosterone.  This means it is less a booster of testosterone and more a youth elixir, preventing the undesirable effects of growing older.  This means two things: a) the side effects are limited, with some reports of potential mild flushing, irritability and insomnia and b) it takes an amount of time for the supplement to build up in the body and work the way it should.  This is to be expected for something that could have a long term impact on your life.

In short

Longjack will help you last longer in bed.  It will do this because it will keep you young in the sack by preventing the inevitable, lowering of testosterone with time. Just take your time to select the best source of the supplement.  Indonesian root extract and 200:1 strength is your best option – preferably as a capsule, as the best root tastes quite bitter. Yet, even if it tastes bitter, Longjack will leave you feeling sweet.

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