Preparing for a Second Round of Sex

Men are often more sexually active than women. However, there are times when women are more sexually active. If you find yourself being with a highly active and energetic sexual partner, always expect that she’d want another go at it after she’s had it.

Now, that might sound quite ideal but think about it. You sweat your fluids and you’ve been panting heavily. You feel like you’ve lost that heavy meal you ate hours ago and you even feel like you’ve lost weight.

For you, it would be the perfect time to just doze off and forget that macho persona, but then when you look at her and gesture a cuddle, she communicates clearly that she wants more. What do you do?


Get Ready for Round Two

Let’s make it clear, at this point, you actually have a choice to decline and fall asleep and risk the consequences. So let’s pretend you’re the better man and choose to get ready for the second round and make sure she is intensely satisfied because the consequences otherwise are brutal—every man knows that.

While there are some guys who can easily go for a second or third round, the majority of men have a hard time getting aroused the second time thereafter. You are not alone in that dilemma.

Thankfully, since you are not alone, the ones before you have found ways to cope up with this shrinking catch so hopefully, with this knowledge, we’ll give you, you’ll be more prepared the next time you get the chance to do have a second go.


1)    Exercise

Sexual activity requires you to be physically capable – have more than enough energy, have strength and endurance, and have that erection. Without proper blood circulation and blood supply to your shaft, you better dream away.

That is why the first step is to ensure you have a routine that you follow. We do not strictly want you to do a hardcore workout. We know not everyone is cut out for that. But at least, spend 15 to 30 minutes of exercise a day. That will help increase blood flow to your penis.


2)    Don’t masturbate.

If you know you’re going to have a sexual encounter during that day, do not spend your sexual energy masturbating. Wait for the real thing. Masturbation is understandable.

If you have no expected activity for the week, by all means, do it as you please. However, it would be quite unreasonable to do so when you are expecting something to happen or on a date. You’d want to save your energy for that.


3)    Have sufficient sleep.

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If you do not have enough sleep, your cortisol levels go up and this affects your ability to orgasm as well as your ability to have an erection. So get enough rest. And if you are one of those with extremely hectic schedules, take a nap. You’ll thank yourself for doing it.


4)    Don’t be on a restrictive diet.

We’ve heard everyone say that you should not eat fat. However, as a matter of fact, if you want to have energy during sexual intercourse, having eaten some carbs a few hours before that would help you keep that energy.

You don’t want to be hungry in the middle of an intercourse. That just doesn’t work especially if you have a partner hoping to get a second go.


5)    Tongkat Ali

You’ve probably read or heard about this herb which is also known as Eurycoma Longifolia or longjack. This is a root found in the tropical forests of South East Asia that has gained its popularity in the arena of increasing the odds to your favor when it comes to sex.

Don’t get us wrong. We do not mean that it gives you luck but this herb is remarkable in terms of increasing your testosterone levels. And basically, when you have high levels of testosterone, everything else follows.

You’ll have the strength, you’ll have the sex drive, you’ll have the endurance and the energy you’ll need to exceed her expectations.


6)    Maca Root

Maca is an herbal adaptogen that grows in the volcanic soil of Peru. It helps the body normalize its cortisol levels, thereby, reducing stress.

When you aren’t stressed, you give your body a higher chance to have better hormonal activity, which includes testosterone. When you are stressed, you don’t get an erection easily.

So if you are emotionally, mentally, or physically stressed with work and your responsibilities, perhaps Maca can help you with that.


7)    Let your hands do the talking.

No matter how you want to get an erection, there can be sometimes when your body would betray your ego. So you’ll have to wait it out and risk a tiny bit of embarrassment but there is still a way to save yourself.

Let your hands do all the talking instead of explaining why you aren’t getting a second erection because you’ve had such a long day at work. That just ruins it.

Touch her and use your fingers to play with her private parts. Tickle her and insert your fingers into her. Make her feel like you want her by giving her the foreplay of her life.


8)    Use your mouth.

Another worst case recovery route is to use your mouth. At this point, you’ve probably started using your hands. Do not be shy to use your mouth and go down on her. Take your time. 

Going slowly will save your energy and will make it clear that you are giving her a foreplay that you want her to enjoy. Start on her neck and go all the way down. This will distinguish you from the rest of the partners she’s had.

Most men are in a hurry to put it on. Make it memorable by using your mouth when you are a preparing for the second round.

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These easy steps will help you keep your partner satisfied and help you gear up for the second round. Using one of these steps will definitely help.

Using all of them will eventually make you remarkable for her. So when that day comes that she wants a second go, you’ll know what to do.


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