Testosterone Booster Has Increased Muscle Growth for This 20 Year Old Bodybuilder

How SD-200, a natural Testosterone Booster, helped Dez Thomas enhance his overall well-being?

Dez Thomas is a 20 year old student at the University of Central Arkansas. He is a promising bodybuilding competitor with 2 NPC Overall Teenage Division wins to his credit. He has been training for years to build up his body mass. A fitness enthusiast to the core, Dez’s dream is to go pro in the prestigious IFBB classic physique.

Testosterone Booster

According to Dez, he picked up fitness as a hobby after he gave up playing basketball while he was in his junior year of high school. It was more on the fly to keep himself engaged as he was done with the other sport. His friend, a bodybuilder himself, shared a lot of valuable tips with him on bodybuilding which he sourced from his own experience. He was instrumental in inspiring Dez to pursue this newfound interest with fervour.

We asked Dez what was the one tip that he wished someone had shared with him before he got into his industry. Dez replied that he wished he had a mentor to guide him on dieting and all the myths surrounding it. He feels that he was in the dark due to lack of adequate dietary know-how and tried everything possible in his stride to improve his physique as instantaneously as possible. In his words, “One tip I wish I had was more in-depth information on dieting instead of just everything and anything to get big.”

5 years down the line, he sees himself as a pro in IFBB classic physique. Long-term, he wants to convert his cherished hobby into his source of income.  He has plans of earning a living as a sponsored athlete/ambassador of a company. Generating dietary awareness amongst others by preparing diet and training plans is also in his scheme of things. We applaud Dez for his courage and passion to pursue his zeal relentlessly, both as a hobby and as a profession.

Dez has joined our eminent list of delighted consumers who have tried the beneficial effects of SD-200 supplement from Pure Science and have been amazed by the positive outcome of this natural testosterone and stamina booster. Dez observed visible difference in his vitality after consuming SD-200. Like he says, “My experience with SD-200 was increased energy, more strength, increased libido and better muscle pumps along with increased endurance.”

Dez was simply bowled over by the fact that only 2 pills of the supplement were sufficient to yield desired results. “With 2 bottles of use I experienced noticeable muscle gains, “he said awestruck.

Testosterone Booster

He is extremely pleased with the results and has pledged to continue usage of SD-200 for far-reaching effects. “I would continue using the SD-200,” is his unabashed claim. Additionally, he has revised his dietary routine and follows a strict pre-workout regimen that includes a protein shake with a minimum of 40g of protein, 50g of carbohydrates and some fats from peanut butter to fuel muscle annihilation.

Dez is not the only one who has experienced the benefits of this wonder supplement from Pure Science. We have many more customers who swear by the efficacy of SD-200.

So what is SD-200 and what makes it so effective and a stand out product amongst the rest of the brands doing the rounds? Let’s demystify it for you with a list of traits that have given the SD-200 a cult status in the realm of natural aphrodisiacs with an ever-increasing bandwagon of loyalists:

SD-200: The Most Potent Tongkat Ali Available in the Market

Testosterone Booster

SD-200, manufactured by Pure Science Supplements, is a leading Tongkat Ali brand. Pure Science Supplements is a renowned bio-technology company that manufactures the supplement under stringent quality checks in GMP certified facilities.

The powerful testosterone and stamina booster from Pure Science has successfully given relief to many who have been suffering from low libido and chronic fatigue for a long time.

Benefits of SD-200:

Most Potent Tongkat Ali Extract on Amazon, 200:1 extract strength -   The key composition of SD-200 is Tongkat Ali roots which are most effective in their concentrated form, also known as Tongkat Ali extract. This extract is derived from the plant roots which contain the active ingredient, Eurycomanone in miniscule proportions. Hence, substantial quantity of the herb is required to produce an appropriate dosage that is effective enough to improve health vitality significantly.

SD-200 from Pure Science Supplements has the strongest concentration available in the market with an extract ratio of 200:1 i.e. 1 gram of the extract is derived from 200 grams of Longjack roots wild-crafted from the lush tropical forests of Sumatra, Indonesia. We use roots that are more than a decade old as the bioactive root ingredients are most active when they are harvested over a long duration. Our stringent GMP certified manufacturing process coupled with our optimal extract strength ensures a product par excellence.

Best Value - 800 mg per capsule, 40 capsules per bottle – SD-200 is available in the form of capsules and is packaged in bottles of 40 capsules each. Each capsule contains 800 mg of pure extract - the best offering when compared to majority of the conventional brands. Consumers have reported obvious effects within 2 cycles of drug usage. 

All purchases have a 100% money back guarantee as we are confident of delivering what we promise.  This assurance coupled with the supplement’s ability to remain effective for 2 years post manufacturing makes SD-200 extremely reliable and worth trying.

Traditionally 'Water Extracted' Tongkat Ali Extract – Alcohol extracts of Tongkat Ali are not as effective as the water-based extracts since the key component, Eurycomanone, is sensitive to the acidic nature of alcohol. SD-200 is water extracted using modern state-of-the-art low heat extraction technology to retain the potent ingredients in their purest forms possible.

100% natural supplement to boost your vitality naturally – SD-200 is manufactured from the Indonesian Tongkat Ali roots that are harvested in the wild terrains of Sumatra, Indonesia. Indonesia Tongkat Ali is low in lead content as opposed to the Malaysian variant. This renders our product completely safe for consumption and rebuilds your libido naturally.

Improve your energy level, vitality, muscle mass and strength – SD-200 is replete with the curative properties of Eurycoma Longifolia Jack which promotes free testosterone production. Apart from its core aphrodisiac qualities, it fosters energy and vitality and improves muscle mass and strength.

 We have told you enough...it’s time for you to test the claims yourself. Opt for SD-200 supplement today and bid adieu to poor libido and weak stamina forever!

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