Tongkat Ali for bodybuilding. Secret to Muscle Growth at the Later Age

Tongkat Ali for bodybuilding. Secret to Muscle Growth at the Later Age

Do you think that your time of being a strapping bloke with a trim waist and sculpted muscle are gone? It does get much harder to shift fat after a certain age, you are right.  This does not mean that you have to put up with the natural slackness of your body.  You can do something to help those workout sessions have more impact on your body.  It is not about working harder or even about paying for an expensive personal trainer.

Tongkat Ali for Bodybuilding

Your body is going through a process called aromatase.  As we grow older, especially after the age of thirty, we produce more estrogen.  This estrogen actively destroys testosterone.  On top of this, your body is using up a lot of testosterone – wasting it by attaching it to sex hormone binding globules, or SHBG.  This means that you will be experiencing more fat around your middle in particular and you do not have the essential testosterone to help muscle regrowth after training.

There is an herb that you can use, which will work to increase your testosterone.  Tongkat Ali is a plant that grows in parts of Asia, particularly Indonesia and Malaysia.  There have been many studies that have supported the extraction of the root of Tongkat Ali to support the body’s natural testosterone boosting powers.  One such study was published in the Bristish Journal of Medicine, which showed significant increases in the study group’s testosterone levels.

In another article, the writer notes that the herb works in four different ways to build muscle.  First, it stimulates the secretion of luteinizing hormones; second, it stimulates the Leydig cells in the testicles; third, it reduces aromatization and finally, it decreases the SHBG, which equally increases testosterone.

It is always better to use a natural testosterone booster.  Of course there are chemical compounds you can take that will improve muscle growth.  However, these pharmaceuticals have well-publicized side effects.  It is also less than ideal to boost your body’s production of testosterone, rather than overcoming the natural processes that cause low testosterone.  If you attempt to send testosterone production into over drive, it is possible to exacerbate problems further down the line when your body cannot sustain this hormone production.  Tongkat Ali works to rebalance hormones, creating a natural homeostasis and therefore working naturally with your body to produce the testosterone you need for muscle production.

The Best Natural Testosterone Booster website notes that not only does the supplement increase muscle growth, it also reduces tension, anger and confusion.  The stress hormone profile test, taken from saliva, showed that those taking Tongkat Ali had a much-reduced cortisol – which is the hormone responsible for stress levels.  This is not surprising, as testosterone destroys cortisol.  Not only does it rid the body of negative stress hormones, it also promotes the production of dopamine.  This means that your body’s hormonal balance is restored and you are likely to feel good in body and mind.

So, when you go to the gym and workout you will feel you are making a positive impact on your body image.  The additional testosterone in your system will act in a similar way to steroids and boost the regrowth of muscle. As you are likely aware, the process of training is about ripping into the muscle.  The muscle sees this as a signal that it needs to grow back bigger and stronger than before.  The boosted testosterone will help you to do this.

However, if you consider the wider implications of taking Tongkat Ali, you will recognize that the benefits are far more than just supporting muscle regrowth.  One of the major reasons many of us struggle to keep going to the gym is a sense of low self-worth and the increase in stress of extra workload.  So, as Tongkat Ali boosts our testosterone level, which in turn reduces cortisol and increases dopamine, we feel better about ourselves and the impact the workout is having.  This is likely to mean we are more motivated to return the next time and therefore the extra work you have to put in as you grow older becomes that much easier to achieve.

Bodybuilders of all ages have been keen promoters of the impact of Tongkat Ali.  The fact that growing muscle gets harder as we age, means it is much more vital for older men to seek support.  Exercise alone might not work as much as you want anymore, therefore taking Tongkat Ali is the perfect solution.  The benefits of this natural testosterone booster is that you are reducing the chances of side effects.  You are not likely to run your body’s resources dry by unnaturally forcing testosterone into your system.  Instead, you are encouraging the body to overcome some of the processes that are likely to reduce testosterone.

In short

Growing old does not make the midlife spread an inevitability.  It is easy to feel downhearted by the increased flab at the breasts and in the stomach area.  However, this does not have to be a fact of your life.  Yes, there is room for a healthy diet and a regular exercise routine.  But, this is likely to be slow and arduous and with increasing work/ life imbalances – unlikely to work to the extent that you need.

So, by taking the advice of experts, such as the medics who wrote for the British Journal of Medicine, supplementing your regimen with Tongkat Ali will give you the desired results.  It will also do much more – of course – it will invigorate you in more than just the gym.  The added testosterone will increase your libido and demonstrably improve your performance in the bedroom too.  It might even combat baldness and those stressful moments that have been dramatically impacting your life.  It is certainly worth a go – what is there to lose.



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