Tongkat Ali: Testosterone Booster

Are you a body-builder?  Are you losing sex drive? Take Tongkat Ali! Don't think that it's not for you – that is this is for men with ego or men with inappropriate desires. Stick with us, and we will show you why you want to consider taking Tongkat Ali for your health and for your happiness.

The focus on testosterone is mainly on libido. The urge to have sex drops as well when testosterone drops. Testosterone has positive effects with dopamine because it helps to destroy cortisol. With this, it helps to boost levels of happy hormones and works to eradicate the excess stress hormone. Hence, Testosterone is needed to boost happy hormones.  Don't feel embarrassed at the idea that you need a performance enhancer – because this is an expression of self-love.

There are other benefits, especially for bodybuilders. testosterone is the hormone that helps muscles to regenerate. This allows the bodybuilder to train more if they really want to add to their lean muscle mass. Alternatively, it means they can train less, assured that the body is using the training done effectively. Sometimes overtraining can lead to athletes training on already traumatized muscle – which is both ineffective and putting them at risk of injury.

The benefits of a testosterone booster are unquestionable. Hormone Replacement Therapy and Viagra are the commonly prescribed solutions to low testosterone in men. Bodybuilders can equally take the option of steroids. However, each of these choices comes with a significant health concern for the user. The side effects of Viagra, for instance, can include a painful erection that lasts for over four hours. The standard treatment, once the medication has been exhausted, is to make 3 surgical cuts into the penis to release blood. There is also the possibility of increased sniffing, upset stomach and dizziness. 


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