Vitamin B12 Patches: Do these Patches Actually Work?

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Vitamin B12 is an essential Vitamin that is required for many physical functions like the production of energy, metabolism, carbohydrates, and the formation of red blood cells. According to a survey, the Vitamin B12 deficiency is found in 1 in 10 people over and above the age of 75 years, 1 out of 20 people between the age of 65 to 74 years and its low in younger age groups.

It also supports cardiovascular health and supports muscle and nerve function too. The usage of Vitamin B12 is a healthy way for boosting the energy functions, initiating focus and reduction of anxiety without using injections or pills. These patches work great for patients who are unable to take oral supplements or prescribed injections.

Are Vitamin B12 Patches Beneficial?

According to research, the wellness industry is promoting Vitamin B12 patches as a safe and effective alternative to injections and pills. The market size is estimated to be over $3.7 trillion. The recent studies have also stated that it helps people in losing weight but still, it is under consideration. Now, let us see do these Vitamin B12 patches really work:

  • Convenient and Effective: These patches are stated to be effective and convenient since they can be placed on your skin without any occurrence of any kind of side effect. People can use it once a week for relief. With these patches, you do not have to worry anymore about the intake of pills or visit the doctor for injections.
  • Good Source of Vitamins: The Vitamin B12 patches provide a good amount of Cobalamin or B12 to the human body. According to a study, the people over the age of 14 years and under the age of 50 years can take 2.4 mcg. For the adults over the age of 50 years requires 100 to 500 mcg of Vitamin B12 or it can go up to 1000 mcg too. The pregnant women require 2.6 mcg and breastfeeding women 2.8 mcg.

  • Natural and Safe: These patches are stated to be a healthy and natural way of taking Vitamin B12 through the skin. They are a safer alternative against any pills or injections. Even many people have reviewed the patches from different companies to be working great.
  • Seamless Absorption of Vitamin B12 into the Body: Vitamin B12 patches get easily absorbed in your body and it proves effective for the patients over the age of 50 years who possess poor absorption of B12. The patches get seamlessly absorbed into the person’s bloodstream without causing any harm to the digestive system.
  • No Time Delay: The oral supplements usually take much time for the absorption of B12 into their body. With these B12 patches, the Vitamins are released within 24 hours time and they start flowing into your bloodstream as soon as the patch is put on the body.

To conclude, all these pointers show that the Vitamin B12 patches really work excellently on the human body irrespective of age group. Even they are natural, safe and effective too.




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