We put SD-200 to the Test: Can it Accelerate Muscle Gain?

What would happen if you gave someone who is already in great shape SD-200?


So, you really want to put a product to the test.  You want to choose someone who is concerned about all aspects of their health and fitness.  This means someone who isn’t open to offering poor advice to others, which they wouldn’t want to take themselves.  So, we chose a fan of fitness, who already has a great look and high level fitness.

This particular weight trainer, Sha, is a 38-year-old male from Singapore, in south east Asia.  He is 170cms and weighs 80kg.  This was not always the case though.  In 2012, he weighed 60kg.  He was conscious of his look and wanted to gain weight.  So, turning to weight training was a choice made to improve his aesthetic in order to improve his self-esteem.  But, then Sha realised he really enjoyed feeling healthy and his training became an important part of staying healthy.  Four years later and 20kg heavier, he says “I’m glad I decided to step into a gym.” 




This guy is no hard man, with limited emotion.  He may lift weights for fitness but his personal interests are sci-fi, Scottish-fold cats and corgi dogs.  So, a bit of a softy under need the lean body mass.  He works in IT personnel, within a sporting association.  Therefore, although sports are part of his culture, he is a computer, sci-fi geek at heart.

On speaking to our badass IT professional, it was clear that he looked pretty good.  His youthful looks certainly didn’t seem to represent 38 years of age.  With shy gratitude, Sha put his youthful looks down to ample sleep, eating right with only the occasional cheat meal and consistent lifting.  Good to know that cheat meals are allowed and that you can still have a great body. This offers hope for us all.

He seems to have a genuine passion for weight lifting and seems to give much credit to his fitness regime.  He also feels lucky, as his work offers positive stress, as a desire to do good work.  Therefore, Sha is not overwhelmed by cortisol that comes from a job that you hate, which draws lines on your face and bags under your eyes.

Sha is also conscious of the need to eat food filled with fuel.  So, what his secret weapon for building muscle through food? Nuts.  More exactly, a love of almonds and cashew.  This is excellent advice.  If you avoid the salted varieties, going for the roasted nuts, these snacks are crammed with protein.  These are excellent snacks for packing muscle repairing protein into the body and they fill you up.  Sometimes you have to ignore the calorific content and instead seek quality ingredients that will stave off hunger.  It is a simple snack to put in your jeans pockets (skinny jeans pockets too!), so as our weight trainer declared, there is “no excuse not to carry it around.  It provides plenty of good healthy fats.”

So, now we feel we know the man, how did Sha get along with SD-200?  He gave it a top five-star rating!  No hesitation either.  Why? Well, in just one month he has gained almost 3kg in muscle, and only 0.7kg of fat, not an easy achievement even in a lean bulking phase. Therefore, this gain in muscle with a low increase in fat is a real bonus to his regime. If this continues, if he continues to use SD-200, then it could revolutionise an already fit body.


So, what is SD-200?  It is Tongkat-Ali, also known as Longjack.  It is better known as an aphrodisiac and a supplement for improving libido and sexual performance.  In some respects, this reputation of Tongkat-Ali was the factor that discouraged Sha from using it before.  As he claimed, in the “local context, culture and stigma, Tongkat Ali is used by old men to help with their libido.”

However, Tongkat Ali is much more than this.  It is an excellent way of being kind to your digestive tract and it is also a means of improving energy and boosting stamina in general, not just in the bedroom.  It is commonly used in caffeine based products that also claim to promote energy.  What is most useful for muscle generation, is the boost to testosterone.  This is a means of reversing the impact of estrogen, which begins to impact on male bodies after the age of 30.  Therefore, the boost to testosterone for Sha helped his body’s ability to recover quickly and therefore build bigger and stronger muscles.  The testosterone also helps the body reach a deeper level of REM sleep and there increase recovery and muscular strength.

Sure, Sha gained an impressive amount of muscle but did he notice he felt better too?  Remember, he already pointed out that enjoyed ample sleep and a happy lifestyle.  He reported being “pleasantly surprised” by the impact of SD-200.  He claimed that it did help him feel stronger and Sha could see that he was building quality muscle.  However, he also noted some psychological as well as physiological benefits.  He claimed it gave him a “certain positive zest and a heightened state of energy and awareness.”  The reason for his perfect rating? “There were no side effects.” He felt that SD-200 helped him become a better person.

Now, it has to be said that a man who is already happy, already fit, already sleeping well and still notices such an incredible response to the supplement – what could it do for more normal mortals?  Remember, in just one month an already physically fit and toned individual gained 2.43KG in muscle mass… in just one month!  If someone beginning weight lifting, at the start of a regime, already past the age of 30 and noticing the impact of increased estrogen: then, SD-200 could have miraculous effects.

It is something when a man already happy with his life believes a supplement helped him become a better person, as Sha did.  Therefore, this has to be one of the most influential testimonials as to the positive impacts of SD-200.  It is easy to dismiss the claims of scientists and to claim that sales people would always say something works miraculously.  However, this a guy who works hard to become fitter and happier.  Therefore, this five-star experience is all the evidence you need.  

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