What Are Bacopa's Side Effects?

What Are Bacopa's Side Effects?

Bacopa Monnieri, or Brahmi as it is known in ayurvedic medicine, is a plant best used for its nootropic benefits. It has many benefits most of which are subjected to controlled research conditions and still not proved definitely. Hence, it is still beneficial for many. The same for other herbs, there are side effects and drawbacks for the consumption of Bacopa. Though not proved, it's reported that it only affects certain people. In fact, only a few humans reported any side effects during controller research scenarios if consumed as mentioned of 5-6 ml of bacopa extracts for adults and 2.5 – 4 ml for children.

Below are the most evident side effects and ill effects occurring due to Bacopa in humans.

Increased Bowel Movement

Bacopa is a highly effective drug, hence, excess intake triggers a higher bowel movement. Consumption over stipulated limits by humans is prone to result in any of nausea, diarrhea, loose motion, and other related issues. Taking Bacopa in the empty stomach can also lead to the strong effect of this drug. A simple way to avoid this situation is by taking a stipulated amount as said by the doctor an hour or less after a meal.

Slow Heart Rate (bradycardia)

If you have known the benefits of Bacopa Monniera, it acts as an anti-depressant and high blood pressure regulator both of which have a slight impact on the heart rate. Bacopa slows down the heart rate, which is a good symptom of staying calm but not to people with already low heart rate ending up in unimaginable consequences. To avoid slowing down of the heart rate below admissible levels, check the heart rate before and after the consumption of minimal dosages of bacopa for the first few instances.

Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

This is merely a warning than an ill effect. There are no particular routine or common occurrences found in women and infants due to the intake of bacopa, yet it is strongly recommended not to take bacopa in any form during pregnancy and breastfeeding phases. The reason is most of the internal routine is subjected to a difference during this phase, leading to easily getting affected and harming both the lives of the mother and the baby.

Affects Ulcers

This is another side effect of a bacopa. Bacopa extracts improve gut health and reduce inflammation by elevating the functionality of most of the organs in the digestive system. Better functionality means better bile secretion in the stomach and intestine, which is also the reason for an ulcer. So, bacopa consumption should theoretically worsen the ulcer. To avoid this situation, patients affected by an ulcer in the present or past are strictly advised not to take bacopa drugs.


Similar to ulcer conditions, the thyroid also seems to worsen with bacopa. Improving various internal body activities, the benefit of bacopa, is feared to boosts thyroid hormone secretion leading to worsening of the condition. Thyroid patients of all types are advised not to have bacopa, which might conflict with their current medicine even.

Gastrointestinal Blockage

Bacopa boosts the digestive system in many ways, and one bottleneck situation during increased digestive functionality is congestion in the intestines. Persons having an intestinal blockage might experience pain or cramps due to the effect of Bacopa Monnieri.


The antioxidant nature of the drug works well in reducing depression, stress, and other mind complexions. Adversely, bacopa on a stress-free relaxed person would relax furthermore feeling less motivated or less productive at work.

Some other least identified side effects include lungs slowing down, urinal blockage, which like most of the others has the least reason to back it up. Most of the above-mentioned side effects tend to affect only a niche set of people having certain health issues.



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