What You Should Do to Improve Sperm Count, Quality, and Motility

How can a man improve sperm count, quality, and motility?

Men have always been fascinated with the idea of masculinity, dominance, and, as nature goes, the concept of sexual activity and pleasure. When made to choose perhaps what to ponder about between sexual activity itself and the biochemistry behind it, perhaps men would choose the former.

The biological explanation behind sex, why men get attracted, the chemical process, and all the underlying causes and effects can be a complicated notion for some but sexual intercourse, we consider, is not only a superficial idea or activity. It is important to consider that the very essence of perhaps why sexual intercourse is inherently pleasurable for men is that human race would cease to thrive had the very activity been such a bore.

The pleasure aspect of sex is what encourages men to do it. However, what makes sex a substantial activity that affects them not only in their personal lives is the concept of reproduction as a whole species.

Without the prospect of reproduction, sexual intercourse would be such a pointless thing despite how pleasurable it may seem. That is exactly why, in this article, we choose to dwell on one of the biological aspects that contribute to the efficiency of the male reproductive process - sperm count, quality, and motility.

Sexual instinct capacity and the chemistry of it, which includes sperm count, quality, and motility are also the ways in which it is manifested. Making sure that a man is able to maintain a healthy sperm count and quality is vital for the very purpose of human reproduction and/or propagation.

The average sperm count is between 120 and 350 million per cubic centimeter and a low sperm count is considered when a male has 40 million sperm per cubic centimeter. Although women are partly responsible for the activity of conception, men are responsible for the inability to conceive about 40% of the time.

So how can a man improve sperm count, quality, and motility?

1. Avoid certain drugs

Environmental toxins and drugs may be among the reasons of low sperm count. With the presence of so many pharmaceutical companies, we have all the drugs and medications that we need. However, this does not directly mean that these drugs do not have adverse effects. One of the adverse effects that practitioners are quite aware of when using certain drugs is its ability to lower sperm count.

Antacids or anti-ulcer medications such as ranitidine and cimetidine have been found to decrease sperm count and produce impotence. Taking amphetamines, cocaine, and heroin, which are illegal drugs, also cause a decrease in sperm count, motility, and quality. This brings us back to the notion that although modern medicine has developed many new drugs that help us improve or battle diseases, alternative medicine can offer assistance with less risk. As an example, if you are someone who regularly suffers ulcers or acid reflux, instead of taking that ranitidine as soon as you feel the acid kick in, try drinking ginger tea or any sort of alternative that may help you battle it.

2. Go organic and reduce exposure to toxins

Chemical exposure has been one of the reasons why most people get so many modern day diseases that are not present centuries ago. Going back to the notion of modern medicine, a lot of the food and things we use affect our bodies because they are made of toxic materials that are not good for the health. Exposure to xenoestrogens such as PCBs, DDT, dioxin, pesticides, several kinds of plastic and working in environments that make you susceptible to environmental pollutants let your body produce the effects of estrogen. The more estrogen the body produces, the more susceptible it is to illnesses, obesity, and cancers.

In order to reduce exposure to toxins, you can start by avoiding plastic containers for your food storage. Plastic reacts to heat and will add toxins to the food or drinks you take. Try using glass wares, they are trendy and classy to look at. Avoid using chlorinated water for drinking or bathing, it is toxic. Use organic products such as organic soaps, deodorants, cosmetics. Read product labels and make sure they do not use parabens since this is one of the cosmetic preservatives that is carcinogenic. Buy organic meat, it might be a little more pricey but it is worth it. 

3. Eat lots of healthy food with antioxidants and fiber

Another way for you to improve sperm count, quality, and motility is to tweak your diet and try to copy the Mediterranean diet. We do not mean you would have to go to Greece and eat olives and all that salad but that would be a good way to go. Try to copy it in such a way that in almost every meal you take, there is something that is fibrous and rich in antioxidants, vitamins A, C, E, and the B-vitamins.

The purpose of this is that when you have these nutrients in your body, not only do you give yourself the ability to produce good quality sperm for reproduction, you give your body what it needs. Healthy food is deemed as a luxury nowadays and it should not be. Before people started to consider the trade, all these plants and natural food sources were at our disposal. Meditation is free and is good for you. So go back to that ancient understanding of health and add in the vegetables that you can buy or plant in your garden for free. Once again, remember that it is not a luxury but a necessity to take the good stuff.

4. Take natural supplements that increase testosterone

We have just discussed the importance of eating healthy foods but do you actually have time to prepare those foods? We can also go back to prioritizing your time and all that but we would not force you into planting your own garden if you feel that is not your strong point.

That is why we recommend taking supplements that increase sperm count naturally by increasing testosterone levels. There is a big difference between synthetic supplementation of testosterone. Again, we will go back to the supplements that increase testosterone, not by substituting it in the body, but by encouraging the body to produce it with the right nutrition it needs. One of these supplements is Tongkat Ali. Tongkat Ali helps improve testosterone levels naturally and is considered the herbal Viagra. When it increases testosterone levels, sperm count, motility, and quality also improve.

5. Avoid non-organic animal products

Avoid animal products that contain hormones, especially milk, dairy, chicken, beef and pork products. Most mass-produced animal products contain growth hormones that may have carcinogenic effects in the long term.

If you really cannot resist eating that juicy meat, then just shop at a local organic market or small farm markets where you know livestock or animal products are more controlled, instead of given all the hormones that your body just has to get rid of.

6.  Avoid smoking and alcohol

A bit of smoking and alcohol do not hurt, they say. It does. Smoking is the leading cause of cancer and alcohol damages the liver. You can make all the excuses about alcohol in red wine having all the resveratrol you need. However, at the end of the day, you can eat grapes and raisins instead of red wine and reap more resveratrol than a glass of wine can give you.

Smoking may reduce your stress at the moment but it will leave you with more than stress when you are battling for your lungs. It not only damages the lungs, it lowers sperm count. Drinking a bottle of wine a day is a sure way to lose your erectile function and reduce sperm count in a short time.

7. Exercise

Exercise is a holistic approach to your health. It increases sperm count in a multitude of ways. It improves your body’s endorphins and improves circulation which helps the body absorb nutrients needed to produce sperm. It also reduces stress and improves testosterone levels which are also important when you consider sperm count.


These steps will definitely help you improve sperm count, quality, and motility. Always take into consideration that as you apply these steps, a sound mind and a sound body go together. So keep your stress levels in check and have a happy state of mind. Happiness makes the effects of your steps exponentially more effective and you will eventually reap the benefits.

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