Why Women Also Need Testosterone

Why Women Also Need Testosterone

We often call testosterone a male hormone because of the many roles it plays in male reproductive health, aging, energy levels, immunity and other aspects. However, it makes it sound too exclusive for men when women have it and need it, too.  

The bodies of males considerably produce more testosterone than women’s bodies. However, even in relatively small amounts, the level of testosterone that a female bodies produce can greatly impact their daily lives. And again, it not only impacts health, it impacts other areas of her life which we will tackle later on and it is necessary for her health and well-being. Women produce higher levels of testosterone during their puberty and it peaks during their early 20s.

Often it is said that the symptoms of low testosterone among men include the major loss of sex drive, which also happens to women as they age as a result of lower levels of testosterone. The decrease in libido affected by testosterone and aging is often aggravated by contraceptives and prescription pills which mess up hormonal production. By the time a woman’s menopause naturally comes, you can expect her to have only half of the testosterone levels she once had or even much less than that.

So despite the fact and the general mainstream knowledge of it being a hormone chemically associated with men, testosterone is important for the female body. Here are some of the specific reasons why women also need testosterone:

1)    Testosterone helps maintain bone mass.

It is a biological fact that after men and women attain the peak of bone strength and development, they lose bone tissues as a result of age. Bone loss begins in the early thirties with women which is a result of a decrease of testosterone levels. On this note, both men and women undergo bone loss associated with the decline in testosterone levels. The risk gets higher for women who have given birth and are lactating. Insufficient calcium in the body can be a catalyst of osteoporosis as it interplays with aging.

Since testosterone greatly affects the aging process in both men and women, it is imperative to keep its levels in check and by maintaining it through proper diet, exercise, and natural instead of synthetic supplementation.

2)    Testosterone affects our capacity to battle aging.

Always confused only as a male hormone, we seldom remember that testosterone holds powerful anti-aging effects for both men and women. It keeps skin supple, increases bone mineral density, and it helps the body metabolize fat into energy. Testosterone also helps and keeps the liver and blood vessels clean.

3)    Testosterone improves cognitive function.

Testosterone also helps women focus as it improves overall cognitive function. On a similar level, it helps put women in a positive mood and adapt to stress. Adaptogenic herbs, such as Tongkat Ali and Horny Goat Weed, are famous for boosting testosterone and reducing stress levels. This ability can be attributed to testosterone’s ability to stabilize neurotransmitters and hormones.

Therefore, taking Tongkat Ali can reduce the erratic and fluctuating mood of women nearing menopause. Having enough testosterone also boosts blood flow, which in the long term, reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

4)    Testosterone improves sex drive.

When women reach menopause stage or even after they turn thirty years old, sex drive or libido usually dwindles down. Testosterone levels can fluctuate among men as well as in women, especially because women have considerably low levels of testosterone. An improvement on testosterone levels among women through natural supplemental process, healthy lifestyle habits, and exercise improves the sexual desire, arousal, and responsiveness of a woman.

5)    Testosterone helps regulate mood.

As women get older, the effects and symptoms of PMS become more pronounced and one of them is the effect on women’s mood. During their late twenties or their early thirties, premenstrual syndrome caused by the fluctuating hormonal cycle of women result in changes in the amounts of testosterone and dopamine in the body.

Therefore, there are women who really feel depressed or angry without a reason at certain days in a month. By improving the levels of the hormone testosterone, a woman’s mood and emotional mood swings become stabilized.

6)    Testosterone improves cardiovascular health.

One of the main benefits of testosterone which makes it necessary for so many positive effects in the body is its positive effect on cardiovascular health. In men, this effect gives them improved erectile function. In women, one effect of testosterone on cardiovascular health is evident in how it improves sensitivity in women’s genitals during intercourse.

Aside from that, testosterone normalizes blood flow, therefore lowering the risk of hypertension and thereby reducing bad cholesterol in the arteries.  

7)    Testosterone improves coronary and thyroid health.

Low levels of testosterone in the body have been associated with heart attack and thyroid issues. If you unusually feel cold all the time even if your thyroid levels are sufficient, chances are you could be low on testosterone. Testosterone and the lack thereof can affect how you feel on a day to day basis as well as your coronary health. Its remarkable ability to improve blood flow and instigate the removal of arterial plaque makes it ideal for your heart.

8)    Testosterone is the dominance hormone.

Most men relatively feel stronger and more dominant than women due to biological reasons. Men tend to be physically stronger than women. Men also have more testosterone than women, in general. A recent study shows that people with higher levels of testosterone, both men and women alike, have alpha traits. They tend to excel in leadership roles and are more confident in the way they handle themselves, the way they talk, and in their totality. Testosterone affects people’s success because the lack of it biologically implies submissiveness, weakness, passiveness, and non-confidence.

Therefore, as a woman, knowing that women biologically have less testosterone than men, you can use this knowledge to your advantage and find ways to improve your testosterone levels by exercise, natural supplementation, and proper lifestyle habits. If you want advancement in your career or improvement within yourself and your confidence, perhaps a little tweak within your biology can help in improving your testosterone levels.

9)    Testosterone promotes fat loss and metabolism.

Testosterone helps you make muscles and create a healthy ratio of muscle and fat, helping you achieve a lean body. It also helps women to slim down and shape up. One of the reasons why men lose more weight than women is because of their higher levels of testosterone.

Testosterone improves metabolism, which is why men who are very masculine and have high levels of testosterone levels hardly gain body fat regardless of their appetites.

Signs of Testosterone Deficiency

Women start losing testosterone depending on their health. However, the major decline of testosterone happens during pre-menopause, although it starts during your late twenties. These are some of the symptoms that you have low levels of testosterone:

1)    Your body is not as it was and we don’t mean positively. The decline of testosterone can cause you to gain more weight and be flabbier.

2)    You suffer osteoporosis or bone loss.

3)    You have less ability to focus.

4)    You have less sex drive.

5)    You feel extremely weak and fatigued most of the time.

6)    Your cheeks start to sag and your skin becomes drier.

7)    Your lips appear thinner.

8)    You suffer more mood swings and have a tendency to feel bad most of the time.

Ways to Improve Testosterone in Women

Here are some of the ways to naturally stimulate your body’s own production of testosterone:

1)    Awareness

Evaluating yourself of the symptoms of low testosterone or going to a medical practitioner for a checkup can help you start the process. Awareness is the number one key because this is where it begins. The moment you are aware that testosterone is not only for men, you begin to have the advantage of its benefits at your disposal.

2)    Meditate

We are quite aware that meditation may sound like a new age concept but there is a huge benefit in meditation. Meditation helps you clear your focus and helps lower your stress levels. When you have lower levels of stress, your adrenals function properly and are able to perform its best and produce more of your hormones including testosterone.

3)    Detoxify

Drinking detox smoothies such as lemon or other juiced veggies help detoxify the liver which activates testosterone, making it useful in protecting the body against cancer. An unhealthy liver cannot do that. Therefore, doing a week-long or a two-week detox cleanse, would extremely benefit your body and pull out all the toxins that should be removed to make your liver efficient to support the function of testosterone.

4)    Nutrition-based diet

The nutrients in the food you eat are the very ingredients for your body to nourish and heal itself. In today’s time, fruits and veggies seem to be the extra appetizer or extra food. We hardly consider a salad as the main course. Worse, some people do not eat veggies and fruits due to the presence of so many fast foods and junk foods.

It is very important to make sure you have the complete nutrients for your overall health. Nutrients from healthy food sources allow your adrenals to produce the testosterone that your body needs. Foods such as tuna, grapes, pomegranate, venison, honey, salmon, garlic, broccoli, spinach, lemon, and eggs aid the body in producing testosterone.

5)    Natural supplementation

Healthy food sources are vital for your testosterone levels. However, making sure that you also supplement naturally helps you maximize your natural ability to produce testosterone. Most of us are quite aware that modern farming methods in certain regions have caused some food sources to be depleted of nutrients. To compensate for the lack of nutrients, you can resort to alternative supplementation such as Tongkat Ali, a herb that naturally increases testosterone levels. Unlike synthetic supplementation or testosterone replacement therapy, taking Tongkat Ali does not have any negative side effect since it is a natural alternative.  

6)    Moderate exercise

It is common knowledge that weightlifting and bodybuilding boosts testosterone production among men. That is good to know. However, women do not usually have the interest to do bodybuilding activities. Women do not like carrying heavy weights or objects unless necessary.

Physically, women’s bodies do not have as much muscle mass and strength compared to men but that is fine because women can still take advantage of light exercises to boost testosterone levels. Moderate physical activity such as walking and jogging can also boost testosterone production. Doing yoga wherein you do certain poses that look calm but require physical focus and strength can also help boost your testosterone levels.

7) Eat good fats

Not all fats are created equally. Some are good and some are bad. Increase your intake of good fats in order to boost testosterone by eating foods such as olive oil, flax seeds, peanut oil. Avocados and fatty fishes like salmon can also be good sources of fatty acids. Fish oil supplements can also be good sources of Omega 3 and can be added to your daily supplements. The body requires good fats or HDL in order to stimulate the production of testosterone. It is imperative that 20 to 30 percent of your caloric needs are met with these types of good fats.  

8) Sleep

Sufficient sleep is required by your body in terms of improving testosterone levels as well as daily maintenance. Sleep is the way for our body to recharge its energy levels. It is the time where the cells replenish and absorb the nutrients you took within the day. Absorption of nutrients is higher when you sleep. Your cells also repair itself when you are asleep and testosterone is produced better in a body that is well-rested. This mechanism is very evident when men wake up. Women should also remember that sleep replenishes them of testosterone provided that they take the right foods and the right nutrients.

Now that we have dug deeper on why testosterone is important for women, use it for your benefit. Whether your goal is to improve your physique and lose weight or to have a better mood on a regular basis or to have a better sex drive or even to advance in your career by having the confidence to go after what you want, testosterone can improve your well-being mentally, physically, and emotionally.

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