Our Customers Love Us

 Danielle Callaway
"I find that the B12 Patches are probably the most-efficient way of getting some quality B12 into my system. I noticed after I used them, 24 hours later, a clarity of mind, a better sense of energy, and an all overall feeling of well-being. I used one generally once a week, and I've been very satisfied with them. Thank you!"

Evelyn Nicastro

"Hi, I'm calling about the B12 patches. I wanted to let you know that I used these whenever a day that I'm feeling really tired. I put one of these patches on and that helps me get my work done at work. And by the end of the day, I just can't believe that I've done what I have done because I got the energy with the B12 patches. I want to thank you guys so much for supplying these to me and have a great day.

Andrea Catalanotto

"Hi, my name is Andrea Catalanotto, 678-986-6841, and I recently ordered your B12 energy patch for the first time. I've used other brands before and this truly, honestly is my favorite patch. It's loaded with so much B12, 5000 micrograms as well as so many other amazing vitamins. And I truly did noticed a difference because I'm a vegetarian and so I tend to be deficient in these supplements. I'm super thankful, and I plan to order again."


Tesa Frevert


“Hi, my name is Tessa and I’m 39 years old. Prior to using the B12 patches, I was feeling a lot of numbness and tingling through my arms and starting in my legs. And this is getting to the point where it was so painful at night that I couldn’t sleep. Discussing this with my husband who is a physician, he brought up that it was possible that my Eosinophilic Esophagitis or EOE, and thus my long term use of antacids had perhaps cause my body to stop absorbing B12 correctly and that could be why I was experiencing this numbness and pain in my arms and legs.

After speaking to my personal doctor, she wanted to run a bunch of blood test and just do all kinds of extra stuff  before she would give me a B12 injection. And so I started exploring how I could get that B12 into my system without going through my doctor. I found your B12 patches and tried them and within 3 weeks that numbness and tingling in my arms and legs is gone. I have more energy and I’m sleeping great and I absolutely have and do recommend B12 patches. I don’t think that there’s any other way to get it in your system for as far as affordably as
these patches. I absolutely love them.”


Teofil Dwornik
Satisfied Customer

“Okay, my name is Teofil Dwornik my telephone is 6478380180. I’m calling regarding the review of Vitamin B12 patches, the product is very good let’s say B12 patch is very highly recommended and then I would say I will buy in the future again. And I’m very happy with the B12 patch. It’s beyond expectation so it’s working really good. I would recommend my friends and my family in the future to buy that.”


Julie Hastings
Satisfied Customer
"I love this product. I feel much better when I go on a 6-week program and take the B12 patch. It gives me more energy, I feel more stable and balanced. Thank you so much for providing me this product."

Marjorie Ahern
B12 patch fan

"I love the B12 patches. I used them once a week. It gives me clear thoughts; a little surge in my step and give me some energy that I forgot about until I realize I'm feeling pretty good, and I realized I've put on my patch. I really am a fan of them and thank you very much."

Cheryl Jordan
"I would like to say I have been using the B12 Patches . Going on my 14th week, and I definitely see an improvement in my level of energy and I am definitely going to continue purchasing them."

Cathy Mulholland
B12 Patch Customer

“Hi, this is Cathy from Saint Louis, Missouri. And before using the B12 patches, I was just tired and never had any energy. I had lab work done and my goal is really to have normal lab ratings. So you know, they said  B12 injections that I got really tired of. And so I came across these B12 patches. They work magnificently. You know, my energy is just back to normal and I love the idea that they offer free shipping and they don’t put any extra, they have some extra vitamins but nothing extra that your body doesn’t need.  I’m so happy with it and whenever my friends start talking about or asking me you know why what’s the different, I always bring up B12 patches because I use them regularly, every week. So I’m so happy with them. It’s really beyond what I expected. I had normal lab reading, the doctor even asks me what I was on. So thank you so much. I just want to let you know how much I really respect them  and I’m so glad that I found you guys and your B12 patches. So, thank you.”

Joseph Hinze
B12 Patch fan

"Hi my name is Joseph and I have been using the vitamin B12 patches now for a couple years and I have to say I'm not sure how they work but it's amazing everytime I'm in pain, or something that's brought on by the weather and get get a little achy or have the muscular pain, I put this on and the effect is almost immediate within the day all that pain is gone and I will be buying them for as long as they're making them so I'm very very thankful that the vitamin B12 patches are around."

Lorena Taylor

My name is Lorena Taylor and I just want to let you know that I love the B12 patches. I had a decrease in appetite and increase in energy, and I couldn't figure out why and then I remembered oh I got these patches on. Just want to let you know, my number is 310 oh lord, I just got a new phone. Hold on. My address is 1706 Michigan Avenue Santa Monica, California 9040. And my phone number is 310-428-8608. Again, that's 310-428-8608. And I love the B12 patches and thank you.

Linda Hendrex

"Hello, my name is Linda Hendrex and I am a housewife in the Rocky Mountains. Before using the vitamin B 12 patches from pure science, I was feeling lethargic, fatigue, brain fog, and I was having issues with my nervous system such as peripheral neuropathy. I was mainly trying to resolve the problem of neuropathy and pain. And I had accidentally come across an article that said sometimes neuropathy is a result of vitamin B 12 deficiency. I did some research on it and found out that a lot of my symptoms reflected a vitamin B 12 deficiency. So I looked into getting a supplement that would resolve that. What caused me to, to choose the pure science b 12 patch is that it was transdermal I have some issues with my gut, I was not absorbing B vitamins as well as I should have been. So I decided to use another mode of delivery so that it would get into my system, and it wouldn't have to go through my gut. And this particular brand was recommended by a health care provider that I use. So I didn't try any others. I just tried this. I was really surprised at how happy I was with it. My issues with neuropathy resolve literally within days. It was just amazing. And then my energy level came up to to a real noticeable improvement. So I am really happy with the pure science B12 Patch. It worked way beyond my expectations. My my neuropathy was a scary thing. And once I started taking this, it just totally disappeared and I'm convinced now that that that the tingling in my hands and feet was really caused by B12 deficiency. And yes, I would definitely recommend the Pure Science B12 patch to my friends and family. I would tell them how well it worked for me. I actually did get my husband on it. And so we're both faithful and enthusiastic users. Anyway, that's all I have to say and I am glad I found the product and thank you for asking my opinion. My number is 303-674-1242. Thank you. Bye".

Katherine Gordon

"Hi, I didn't read the full email. So I'm sending this again.
I have been feeling very tired and I am overweight having a hard time trying to lose weight, and I know B12 is a big factor with energy and forgetting my pills and not feeling like I'm getting the full benefit of taking pills; this reason why I decided to go with patches.
I noticed that when I start using them, I actually felt more energetic.
I like the convenience and that's what caused me to make the purchase. The fact that I only have to wear it once a week was a big selling point as well. I'm happy with my patches.
I'm losing more weight and I do recommend them. And actually my employer has just asked for the website to order them and a few clients asked questions. I do hair, so lot of people see me and we're very busy salon. So people always ask girl "What's up patch on your shoulder?" So I have to let them know and yeah, I will order them again."