About us

Pure Science Supplements Limited is a bio-technology research company specializing in the research and application of herbs found within the lush tropical rainforests and highlands in the Asia Pacific.

Our focus is to produce the best and safest products for our clients to achieve greater vitality in your body, mind and emotion, with top notch customer service excellence to match.

Pure Science Supplements uses only the best ingredients and raw materials obtained through rigorous and intensive research, and we maintain the highest standards in the manufacturing process. We continually seek and apply best practices in the industry to yield superior results and that is why we adopt the slogan, "Rooted in Science. Backed by Research" to demonstrate our commitment. 

All Pure Science Supplements products are tested and comply with the Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) regulations enforced by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).


Company Information
Name: Pure Science Supplements Limited

Address: 2372 Morse Avenue, Suite 594, Irvine, CA 92614
Website: www.puresciencesupplements.com
Support Email: support@puresciencesupplements.com
Account Email: accounts@puresciencesupplements.com