10 Simple Tips On How To Improve Your Sex Life

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Our sex life is an important part of the ingredients needed for contentment. We sometimes hide or diminish sex as being a past-time, as something we do to have a good time and not something fundamental to being human. Yet, it is the expression of our bond with another human being and it is the way that we continue our species. So, we work hard to improve our health with supplements, so we can extend our life. Therefore, we should use supplements to help with sex, to help extend our contented way of life.

There are maybe herbs, roots, and spices that have been used for centuries to aid sexual performance. Chinese medicine has thousands of years of heritage of helping men to procreate. So, when searching for 10 simple on how to improve your sex life, there are a wealth of options available.


Number 1: Tongkat Ali

The strongest dosage of Tongkat Ali is 200:1, which is also retrieved using water-based methods, which means more of the active agent is available. The question is: why do we want so much of the active ingredient? Well, to begin with, Tongkat Ali, also known as Long Jack or Malaysian Ginseng, is an aphrodisiac. There is a large body of evidence that supports the role of the supplement in encouraging sexual desire. Some question the validity of this science but no-one questions the anecdotal evidence that says this is one of the better aphrodisiacs on the market.

The chemicals in the supplement are pro-testosterone and anti-estrogen – so, it essentially makes you feel manlier. Nothing wrong with that – in any situation. However, the effects of this pro-testosterone are to make you more fertile and it has been used through the centuries to boost fertility, as it increases sperm production. The boost to the Leydig cells is said to help produce testosterone. It’s anti-estrogen effects are said to be equal to commonly prescribed medication Tamoxifen when the active ingredient is injected – so this is powerful stuff!

Tongkat Ali can also help your sex life, as it is a pro-erectile agent. The molecule 9-hydroxycanthin-b-one is associated with delayed ejaculation – so not only will it help to gain an erection, but it will help you to keep it for much longer. If the stimulating effects feel too much to believe, then you can take it just as an anti-anxiety med. The decrease in anxiety could help to reduce inhibitions in the bedroom and improve your sex-life because you can relax into the event and enjoy the moment.



Number 2: Maca

Maca is known as the Peruvian Ginseng or Lepidium Meyenic and is also known as a supplement that can act as a diet aid. Improving your body can help with your sex life – so worth using it to inspire a higher self-esteem. However, Maca also enhances libido and boosts energy. Now, that really will be a benefit in the bedroom.

The tale of the Maca root is something of a tale of inspiration in itself. It grows at 13,000 feet in the Peruvian Andes. It survives in hard, rocky soil, and the roots enable this by drawing all the vitamins and minerals it can from the rocks and the soil. It is determined to survive and as such a five-year-old Maca plant is laced with many of the essential vitamins and minerals we need in life.

Native Peruvian people have used this herb for thousands of years, and they claim that anyone who takes the root will reach old age and still be a man – we can only infer they mean still able to perform as a man – and therefore enjoy virility into old age. It is seen as a treatment for fatigue and weakness but it also increases sexual desire and stamina.


Number 3: Yohimbe

Yohimbe is also a fat-burning compound, so like Maca can help to impact on your body-image and self-esteem when naked. This has to be a bonus when wanting to be yourself with your partner. However, like Maca, Yohimbe is also an aphrodisiac. The active ingredient: Yohimbine is a stimulant and works by increasing the adrenaline levels in the body. Therefore, not only does it increase desire but it also aids in the process of achieving an erection. There is no need to wait until you have an erectile dysfunction to take this supplement – many take the supplement to improve the erection or maintain an erection for longer.

It is best taken on an empty stomach – so take it in a period of fasting – it is highly stimulating and you might want to begin using the supplement gradually. You should carefully increase the dosage.


Number 4: Red Ginseng

This supplement is known as the herbal Viagra and by Chinese herbalists as the male remedy. The FDA has banned many supplements that call themselves herbal Viagra, therefore Red Ginseng is one that survives and is seen as powerful. Taking 600-1000mg three times a day and the plant must grow for five years for the root to be seen as an effective supplement. The label will give you all the information you need to see if these criteria are met. The root works by improving your erection - therefore you can be certain of your performance and you can go for much longer. The confidence that you get from the supplement may only be a placebo for you, but who will know the difference: if it gives you that small hope for something better for your sex life.

A Korean study seems to suggest it does more than act as a placebo, though – as it show 60% effectivity when men took a dose of 150mg three times a day. The science sounds plausible too, as the supplement breaks down cortisol in the body, which is created with stress. Over 80% of men cited stress as being the killer of their sex-life and so to improve their experience they need to take out the chemical caused by excess stress.

Studies suggest that Panax Ginseng has improved sexual function and can come as a cream. As a cream, it can help with premature ejaculation, which for your partner, is a benefit to their experience. A side effect is insomnia, which you might feel to be a negative – however, it might also help make an all-night experience possible – always worth looking for the silver lining in all situations!


Number 5: L-arginine

L-arginine is an amino acid that occurs naturally in the body and helps to make nitric oxide. Nitric oxide helps to improve the blood flow throughout the body – and is also good for heart health. However, it helps to improve your sex life because it will increase blood flow to the penis. A 1999 study of men taking 5 grams a day orally for 6 weeks found that the supplement had a significant impact in 31% of men. This was part of a study for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, but there is no need to wait until there is a problem to improve the quality of your erection.


Number 6: L-citrulline

L-citrulline is also an amino acid that is found in high concentration in water melon. Therefore, you can eat lots and lots of water melon – and risk the potential toilet issues that come from being that well-hydrated – or you can take the supplement to improve the flow of blood to your penis.


Number 7: Gingko Biloba

This supplement comes from the Chinese Maidenhair Tree, which helps with circulatory problems and fatigue. Research in Sweden has proven that the flavonoids – the active ingredient in the tree – improve sluggish circulation. A clinical trial recently showed it was 84% effective in treating impotence caused by depression. The suggested dosage is between 40 – 80mg three times a day. The suggested dosage is between 40 – 80mg three times a day. The suggestion that this is a remedy to a poor sexual experience but if you know you are susceptible to depression than this might be a positive choice for maintaining and improving your sex life too. It is also thought to have the potential to increase blood flow – so will help to gain and maintain an erection, too. It is also thought to have the potential to increase blood flow – so will help to gain and maintain an erection, too.


Number 8: Cinnamon, ginger, and cloves

This sounds like an ingredient list for your favourite takeaway – and the suggestion is that you could get the active ingredient from your food. However, to be effective to improve your sex-life you need doses far higher than you can hope to gain from your standard meal. Eating supplements taken from these spices are said to literally warm up the blood. There is no clinical evidence to suggest these supplements act as an aphrodisiac but many cultures have used them for centuries to improve sexual drive. Sometimes history is superior to science if people keep using a supplement then it is likely because they have been pleased with the results. Seems logical – don’t you think.


Number 9: St John’s Wort

For the final two tips on the list to improve your sex life there is going to be a slightly different approach. The truth is that our sex life is impacted by our approach to life in general. If we have low mood and high anxiety, then the chances that we can relax in the company of the people we care about and perform in a way that nurtures their needs are low.

St John’s Wort is a well-known herbaceous shrub used to help with depression and low mood in general. It has been used since the times of Ancient Greece in the treatment of nervous disorders. Remember what was said about history – well – this is some history! The supplement contains hypericin which impacts in a similar way to serotine uptake inhibitors, such as Prozac. This essentially raises the levels of serotonin available to the brain. Serotonin is the brain's natural happy drug and will, over a period of time, help to give you a general sense of well-being. So, with a dosage of 300mg, three times a day will over time help you to feel generally better about life.

The links to improving your sex life are obvious – the better you feel about life, the more comfortable you feel within yourself, the more likely you are likely to see opportunities with your partner to enjoy each other’s company and the more, you are likely to relax into the event. Be aware that St John’s Wort can interact with anti-depressants, so talk to your doctor before taking the supplement.


Number 10: Whey Protein and BCAA

Here is another way of the look at your sex-life. If you see it as an Olympic event – as something that takes energy, stamina, endurance – then treating your sex-life like it is a workout in the gym might have some merit. This is not to suggest that midway through the sexual act you stop and shake your whey tub but it is to suggest that improved fitness, in general, will improve your sex life. One of the biggest influences on your sexual performance is your weight. Obese men are more likely to have erectile dysfunction or be dissatisfied with their sexual performance. The reasons are obvious both physiologically and psychologically, it is an act of the body and the mind and both are inhibited by carry weight.

Therefore, using protein whey shakes to help you work out better and BCAA to help the protein reach your muscles will improve your sex-life. Yes, this is essentially telling you to get your butt out there and exercise to improve performance – but this is actually pretty sound advice – as much as we hate to consider this possibility. A healthy body will have better blood flow – will have stronger muscles that will hold erections better – and will keep you active for longer into the night. And let’s face it, and you will feel damn fine – so you will believe that your partner will want to have sex with you. There is nothing more powerful than confidence to work wonders on your sex life. So, get your kit on, workout, drink your whey shake and then feel like you can do anything!


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