5 Little Known Healing Herbs on the Planet

5 Little Known Healing Herbs on the Planet

Plenty of healing herbs have been used since time immemorial for their medicinal properties. Whether it is Aloe Vera to obtain spotless skin or Chamomile to soothe and aid your digestive system, natural remedy enthusiasts have tried it all. It is easy to find out about these widely popular healing herbs that are easily available in the market but do we know about those that are not well known and still have healing properties par excellence? There is a world of uncountable lesser known herbs that have exceptional properties to regulate various aspects of your health that you most definitely should try. Some kill nasty bugs while others help in easing digestion and healing wounds. Here is a list of lesser known healing herbs that you should try:

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  • Tongkat Ali

This lesser known of all healing herbs can spell wonders for both, men and women. Tongkat Ali root is an aphrodisiac and is the perfect solution to sexual problems. For men, it is an essential herb since it increases libido and betters semen quality. An increase in testosterone levels has been reported by men who use Tongkat Ali regularly. It definitely helps men suffering from fertility issues and low sperm count. For women, this herb helps in losing weight and boosting energy. It helps those who are troubled by mood swings and is a natural mood and blood sugar regulator. It is also an excellent means to reduce the risk of osteoporosis in women by maintaining hormonal balance. With so many benefits for both, men and women, this herb gets thumbs up and deserves to be tried. The extract of Tongkat Ali can be consumed in supplement form and is available online as well.


  • Lovage

The name sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Well, this one among all healing herbs has a very interesting scent that is a mix of lemon, anise and celery. Finding it soothing already? Lovage, also scientifically known as Levisticum Officinale, belongs to the carrot family and aids in digestion. It does not taste like carrot at all, despite being from the same family. If you have a disturbed gastrointestinal lining, this wonder herb will cleanse it along with doing away with pain arising due to tummy problems, including stomach ulcers. What’s more interesting? It can be used in more ways than just being eaten. It can be added to your daily bath to erase pains arising from skin breakouts and inflammation. It helps soothe your skin and in just a few days of using it, you will see the benefits. This would make for a relaxing bath time with a wonderful fragrance while your skin reaps the wondrous benefits of this healing herb.


  • Tansy

This herb is also among the lesser known healing herbs. This one has a very unique use. It acts as a natural insect repellant! It is very good against ants, mosquitoes and potato bugs. Of course, it can be used by farmers to keep the pests away from their crop but in everyday use, you can rub it on your skin to keep mosquitoes and other biting insects at bay. Also, if you suffer from stomach problems cause by parasites, this is the answer to your woes. Use Tansy in your regular tea and it will eliminate parasites from your body, keeping your digestive system functioning properly without any hindrance. You need to ensure you don’t overdose on Tansy since it is toxic if consumed in large quantities. Keep a check on the quantity you consume.


  • Alfalfa

This is probably heard of but is a distant herb in your memory of all healing herbs. Alfalfa is used mainly for feeding livestock but it helps humans with a lot of ailments too. Since it has its roots deeply grounded, it sucks up minerals which are not otherwise found easily in any other herb or supplement. It is of great help to someone who suffers from kidney pain and kidney stones. It also helps in reducing discomfort from urinary infections. Since it is a diuretic too, it helps the body in getting rid of toxins. If you use this herb regularly, it is known to reduce bad cholesterol in your body and will also cleanse your liver and digestive system. With so many healing properties and health benefits, we can call Alfalfa an all-rounder for sure!


  • Sage

Sounds like it has healing properties already! With very strong anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties, it has multiple uses ranging from reducing inflammation to aiding digestion, soothing burns and killing bacteria. It can also help to soothe any cuts or wounds you may have. It can be beneficial to your health and well-being in too many ways. It helps fight cold and protects your respiratory system. It also dries up phlegm if you have a nasty, productive cough. It is not that difficult to grow and maintain so you can probably grow one in your pot or garden. You can find out about the availability of the seeds or the herb near your area. With so many health increments, you should not leave any chance to try it out for yourself and reap the benefits.

Healing Herbs

With so many healing herbs around to choose from, you can be spoilt for choice. Of course, there already exists the ones that you know about and already use but these healing herbs mentioned here are lesser known yet have multiple benefits that will help you lead a better and healthier life without the use of medication. You can definitely try these if they are available in your vicinity or just find out ways to grow them in your own garden. Anything herbal and natural is always better than medicine or supplements that are unnatural and might pose risks of side effects for you. You could opt for a healthier life by choosing to go natural or help yourselves with processed medicines.  Whatever you may choose to do, there is no denying that these are worth a try!


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