5 Testosterone Boosters to Overcome Impotency

Why is it so important to find a natural testosterone booster?

Testosterone Booster

Your body has the capacity to produce a certain amount of testosterone.  If testosterone is artificially stimulated, then it will offer a temporary solution but eventually cause testosterone to drop to potentially even lower levels.  This is the first reason why you want a solution that works naturally with your body, to help it produce testosterone that is actively available to the body as it should.

The second reason for finding a natural boost of  testosterone is because of the potential side effects of hormone replacement therapy.  Despite the importance of testosterone to red blood cell count, bone density and sexual health, medics are cautious about prescribing HRT.  Some of the minor effects include fluid retention, acne and increased urination.  However, it is the serious side effects that give cause for pause.  These include decreased testicular size, insomnia, decreased sperm count to the point of infertility. 

More worryingly still, HRT can cause men's prostate to grow, which could be a precursor to prostate cancer.  For this reason Harvard Medical School believe that using hormone replacement therapy for the natural age-related decline of testosterone is ill advised.  They go on to claim that it is much wiser to use natural methods for boosting testosterone.

What are the best ways to naturally boost testosterone?  Here are five suggestions from the experts.

Natural testosterone booster number 1: Get enough sleep

Testosterone Booster

There is a significant correlation between sleep and low testosterone.  Lack of sleep affects the hormonal and chemical balance in the body, which means it is particularly harmful to testosterone. You need to make sleep a priority – aim for 7 to 8 hours per night.  If you struggle with sleep – this is something that you should speak to your doctor about.

Natural testosterone booster number 2: Exercise and improve your diet

It is one of the circular logic things... testosterone helps exercise work better but if you exercise you also produce more testosterone.  Your brain gets the message that it needs to be much stronger and provides the chemical that will build muscle – by increasing red blood cells mostly.  Start by walking regularly and work up to, full-on cardio and weights.

Be aware that extreme endurance can actually lower testosterone – so moderate exercise is the answer.

Another way to make your body chemicals fall into a healthy balance is to make sure you bolster them with a healthy diet.  This is the advice given for almost every ailment of physical and mental concern.  But, our bodies are a basic input / output machine.  What we choose to put into our body is what the body will be capable of putting out.  So, it makes sense to eat yourself to a healthy body.

Natural testosterone booster number 3: Control your stress

Testosterone Booster

This is another strange cycle – cortisol can be countered by testosterone but testosterone can be lowered if you are too stressed.  So, a natural means of benefitting testosterone levels is lowering working hours and increasing the time you devote to relaxation.  This is obviously easier said than done – but maybe reading or music will help.

Natural testosterone booster number 4: Check your meds

Some medications can really affect your testosterone level.  This is not a call for you to stop important meds, instead a suggestion to speak to your doctor.  Sometimes it is a matter of risk and reward – if you are risking your wider health for your testosterone – it might not make sense.  Think: how active could you be if you did not take your tablets?

Natural testosterone booster number 5: Tongkat Ali

A lot of the suggestions so far are quite difficult.  These suggestions all seem to require a significant change in your lifestyle and this may or may not be possible.  Working less, sleeping more, eating better, exercising right – these are all things we would do in an ideal world.

A more simplistic suggestion to natural testosterone boosting is to take a supplement such as Tongkat Ali.  As this will aid both red blood cell production and bone density – this is an excellent supplement for your general health.  Some medics claim it has potential for maintaining concentration and memory. Others, including ancient Chinese and Indian herbalist, see it as a tonic for the kidney.

However, anecdotal evidence suggests that this supplement is one of the best aphrodisiacs on the market.  The best thing is that it works to overcome the natural barriers to testosterone levels that come with ageing.  So, Tongkat Ali will block the aromatase process – where testosterone is attacked by increasing estrogen levels.  Men after the age of thirty struggle with gradually increasing estrogen and they too go through a process of decreasing fertility, called the andropause.  Tongkat Ali can counter the effects of the andropause by destroying the estrogen that is eating up the testosterone.  Secondly, Tongkat Ali prevents testosterone binding with SHBG – which means testosterone is made available to the body.

The good news about Tongkat Ali is that it does not have the side effects that synthetic hormone replacement treatments cause.  The supplement is well tolerated because it works with the bodies natural functions to encourage the body to maintain its own testosterone levels.  Most importantly, this means that it cannot result in infertility – in fact studies have proven it to increase pregnancies amongst participants' partners!

In short

Testosterone Booster

Although the natural processes for increasing testosterone will be slower, consumption of Tongkat Ali has to build up over time; it is also better on the whole for your body.  Hormone replacement therapy and even Viagra are drastic medical interventions that can cause a lot more problems than they solve. Therefore, working naturally with your body and working to prevent the processes of ageing seems a much more sensible option.  A lot of them take much effort – taking Tongkat Ali might just be the easiest means of gradually reversing the impact of age.


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