10 Amazing Benefits of Icariin

Icariin is a powerful flavonoid component that can found in the plant species Epimedium that is found in China and the Mediterranean. This Epimedium plant species is commonly known as the Horny Goat Weed. The plant got its name from being an herb that has long been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine in order to enhance libido and male sexual performance. Aside from these, icariin has other equally important benefits.

What is Icariin for?

Icariin boosts testosterone. Aside from being popularly known as a natural libido booster, icariin is also great as a supplement for athletes and body builders.

Where can Icariin be found?

Icariin can be found in the Epimedium plant which is commonly known as the Horny Goat Weed or Yin Yang Hou (Chinese name). It abundantly grows in the wild, especially in high-altitude places, and is native to China, Korea, and Japan. However, nowadays Icariin supplements can already be found in a lot of physical and virtual health supplement stores.

What are the Benefits of Icariin? 

Icariin has a lot of different uses aside from it being a libido booster, although of course it does a really good job in that area. This Traditional Chinese Medicine has been used as a remedy to a couple of ailments. The following are the known benefits of Icariin:

  1. It Boosts Sex Drive and Libido

Increasing or maintaining sex drive is one of the most popular benefits of Icariin. It would not be called the Horny Goat Weed without a good reason. Folklore says that the herb got its name when someone observed that his goats became sexually active after eating the plant. The Horny Goat weed has been used for already 2,000 years for its aphrodisiac effect. Icariin increases the libido by enabling the body to fully make use of its free testosterones. This is a great remedy for older men whose bodies are already gradually losing the ability to utilize their testosterone.

  1. It is a Remedy for Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction is probably the main reason that icariin is sought after by men. As if boosting the sexual drive is not yet good enough, this herb also has the ability to bestow solid and longer lasting erections more often. Icariin serves this purpose and addresses impotence by enabling better transmission of the substance produced by the brain that is known as Nitric Oxide. Nitric Oxide is necessary for males to have adequate blood flow to the penis, and a lack in the production of Nitric Oxide will consequentially cause less blood flow to go to the penis during arousal. Icariin boosts testosterone, and testosterone signals the brain to produce Nitric Oxide. Taking Icariin as a supplement is better in treating erectile dysfunction than Hormone Replacement. Icariin can be used as a long-term remedy since it’s is generally safe and poses very little side-effects.

  1. It Helps in Bodybuilding and Performance in Sports

Bodybuilders and athletes who are looking for supplements have probably encountered Icariin already. Icariin is used for sports performance mainly because of its ability to boost testosterone. Testosterone helps boost muscle growth and muscle strength, helps strengthen the bones, aids in weight loss, and promotes tissue growth and healing. As said earlier, testosterone boosts the production of Nitric Oxide. Nitric Oxide signals the body about where and when blood should be delivered to the body parts which lack of it. This translates to the muscles being always provided with adequate blood and oxygen that are needed to make hard lifts and to repair the body between training sessions.

  1. Helps Prevent or Manage Osteoporosis

The Icariin’s ability to increase bone density is often overshadowed by its sexual benefits, but this benefit also deserves to be in the spotlight. Studies have proven that Icariin has a positive effect on the prevention of osteoporosis, as well on the treatment of already existing conditions of osteoporosis. The studies have shown that taking Icariin over a long duration would help boost and speed up the health and maintenance of the bone tissue.

  1. It Improves Cognitive Function and Reduces Risk for Dementia

Animal studies have shown that Icariin shows anti-amyloid activity. The proteins called Beta-amyloid peptides are responsible for the plaque formation and cell damage that occurs in Alzheimer’s disease. Icariin was also found to have protective effects against learning and memory deficiencies. It has also improved dementia in rat subjects by reducing oxidative damage and Beta Amyloid deposits. Icariin also has the ability to suppress neuroinflammation by preventing the activation of microglia, which are cells in the brain that trigger the neuroinflammatory response. Studies have also shown Icariin’s ability to lessen cognitive decline and enhance cognitive function.

  1. Icariin Provides Relief from Stress and Anxiety, and Acts as an Anti-Depressant

Icariin boosts testosterone levels, and testosterone is a key hormone in enhancing a person’s mood. Among the common symptoms of low testosterone levels are anxiety, irritability, worry, and depression. Testosterone has been found to be correlated to mood. Icariin’s ability to boost testosterone levels makes it an effective supplement in maintaining a healthy state of mind.

  1. Icariin has Anti-Cancer Properties

Icariin has the ability to inhibit formation of tumor in different types of cancer including leukemia, liver cancer, and breast cancer. It can also suppress tumor cell movement and invasion in stomach cancer cells. Icariin has also shown to suppress the attachment of stomach cancer cells by inhibiting the activation of protein kinase A, which is known to support cell production and survival.

  1. Icariin Boosts Energy and Fights Off Fatigue

The results of a study conducted on mice have shown that Icariin was able to lessen physical fatigue and improve the endurance of the subjects. Icariin was found to have the ability to increase blood glucose, hemoglobin, and glycose. These are known to enhance endurance and speed.

  1. It is Anti-Inflammatory

A study conducted on mice has shown that Icariin was able to decrease the subjects’ intestinal inflammation and relieve symptoms in mice that have irritable bowel syndrome. It was also able to relieve asthmatic rats from airway inflammation.

Icariin has the ability to improve quality of life by its benefits on sexual health and on overall health. Icariin can be found in the form of supplements that are fortunately sold in a lot of health stores already.










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