Bacopa Benefits: A Natural Herb for boosting brain health and memory

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Bacopa, a plant predominantly found in India and sparsely in other continents is used in ayurvedic and herbal medicines for various unimaginable benefits. The most commonly known benefit of improving brain health and fighting against diseases like Alzheimer’s, Dementia, and Epilepsy are made possible with Bacopa extracts without any side effects compared to existing medicines.

Here is a list of benefits that Bacopa plant offers.

  • Improves Brain Health

The bacopa plant knows as Brahmi or water hyssop has a chemical content called bacosides, named after the plant itself. It is said to improve the overall functioning of the brain. It boosts kinase function making more resources for the brain to use and enhance its functioning. The improved results are in terms of faster thought processing, better cognitive and memory capabilities.


  • Anti-Depressant

The same extracts from Bacopa Monnieri also act as an anti-depressant, meaning consumption of this extract should relieve your mind of anxiety, stress, depression, and other related bothering. This statement was proved from the research conducted by the University of Michigan testing on animals in various forms of intake.


  • Stress Reliever

It is a similar outcome of bacosides taking effect on the human body. They help relieve the stress of any kind – mental or chronic. The apoptogenic properties that bacosides possess can relieve your body of physical pain and ease your acute joint pains facilitating better movement for elders who experience pain and slow down. Due to the pain-relieving nature, Bacopa is also used as an alternate for arthritis affected patients for better activity.


  • Reduce Inflammation

The ingredients of bacopa extracts are capable of improving gut health and reducing inflammation. The weak gut is a reason for many chronic disorders, including osteoarthritis and back pain that accompanies aging. By reducing inflammation, patients feel a lot comfortable for their day-to-day activities and feel younger.


  • Support Epilepsy Treatment

As we already know, Bacopa improves brain activity but does not have a tendency to repair the central nervous system. Instead, when extracts from Bacopa Monniera is consumed with usual treatment for epilepsy, the patient shows a remarkable response to the treatment and betterment of control over the body.


  • Fight Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia

Alzheimer’s and Dementia affect the brain by reducing memory and cognitive skills leading to the absence of independent thinking. Bacopa when consumed by the patients affected by both, experience a noticeable improvement in their behavior. The antioxidant nature of bacopa drug fights directly against excess oxygen causing brain damage in Alzheimer’s preventing further damage.


  • Maintain Blood Pressure

Nitrate oxide is a major component to keep blood pressure in check. Nitrate oxide is formed in our body from nitrates by a process. Either lesser consumption or lesser conversion can cause higher blood pressure. Bacopa Monnieri releases nitric oxide straight into the bloodstream directly from endothelium, which keeps the blood pressure in necessary levels.


  • ADHD Treatment

This is another brain-related disorder where Bacopa performed surprisingly well. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder symptoms are hyperactivity, inattention, and impulsiveness. It creates an overall restlessness accompanied by inattention resulting in random hyperactivity. This is merely opposite to how Alzheimer’s and Dementia affect the brain. However, the same Bacopa extracts are capable of treating ADHD too. It showed a 93% positive response in a test over a group of children affected with ADHD compared to 70% expected outcome with existing medicine.

The benefits of Bacopa keep going on and on out of which a few are not found or proven to the world. Some of the benefits not listed include recovery of the sexual ability of a person by improving the gut health and relieving chronic stress without any side effects. Bacopa is already available in some countries in the form of tablets as a general health improviser.


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