BioPerine®, a Natural Bioavailability Enhancer

What is bioavailability? Before you advance to what is Bioperine and how it can used to increase the rate of bioavailability, you should know the answer to this question? In simple terms, it is subject of the absorption procedure which the human body goes through. Through the process ofbioavailability, the quantity of a particular drug in the body is measured so that the desired results can be obtained.

BioPerine and its role as a bioavailability enhancer

BioPerine is an extraction that is obtained from Piper fruits. Most of its composition is Piperine (95%). A number of supplements and nutrients are available that enhance the bioavailability process. However, it is important that the correct quantity of BioPerine is included in them.

  • The increase in blood flow is quite important for enhancement of the bioavailability process. An easy supplement can be used for this purpose. This supplement includes 5mg of BioPerine and 15mg of beta-carotene. There is no doubt that this supplement produces commendable results and increases the bioavailability rate by a major margin. Thus, it can be said that the correct quantity of BioPerine in the Bioavailability Enhancement nutrients is very important.
  • Curcuminoids are used in supplements to deal with inflammatory problems. However, a fact is the bioavailability of these supplements is quite low. The addition of BioPerine is a perfect solution to this problem. When used in supplements containing Curcuminoids, the bioavailability process was enhanced.

  • According to a research, if curcumin is encapsulated in lipid particles, the absorption rate would improve. However, with the use of piperine in this encapsulation, the rate would improve even more. If curcumin is used alone, the rate of absorption improves by 10 percent. On the other hand, if it is used with Piperine, the rate of absorption would improve by 40 percent. This clearly shows how adding the correct quantity of Piperine can improve the rate of bioavailability.
Curcumin vs Curcumin+BioPerine

  • In accordance with a recent study carried out, it was noticed that the use of BioPerine along with Resvetrol improved the cerum levels by an unbelievably high margin. When Resvetrol was used without BioPerine, the serum concentration increased by 229 percent. However, when 10mg of BioPerine was added, the serum concentration increased by 1544 percent. The different is simply unavoidable and shows that BioPerine is one of the best constituents to increase the rate of bioavailability.

For more details on BioPerine composition, a detailed chart is given below.

Other Benefits of BioPerine

Apart from enhancing the rate of bioavailability, BioPerine has the following benefits as well.

  • Depression is a chronic problem and has to be handled properly on time. BioPerine is included in a lot of anti-depressants as it is very helpful in dealing with depression and mental anxiety
  • BioPerine also acts as an important component to deal with Cancer. It is included in various anti-cancer drugs.
  • Memory losses are quite common particularly in old ages. BioPerine helps in improving memory and makes it easy to remember things.
  • If you have itchy skin, the use of BioPerine would prove to be beneficial for you. It nourishes the skin and reduces the level of dryness.

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