How to Achieve a Longer and Harder erection Naturally

So, why is it so important to a man to achieve an erection? What does it mean to a man that his erection lasts longer and is harder than it has been before? The truth is that it is a matter of being masculine – and this shouldn’t be underestimated.  It is integral to the sense of identity and a feeling of self-worth.  It is not just a matter of having more fun – though lord knows there is nothing wrong with wanting to have fun in this day and age.  But, it is more than this.  It is a fundamental drive in human beings to reproduce – to make sure the species survives.  Therefore, it is the foundation of a man’s sense of self-worth.

After thirty men start to experience a drop in testosterone, which leads to lower semen production, potential impotence and a much longer rest period between erection.  The erection, once achieved, may be relatively flaccid and the ejaculation weak.  This means that the climax is unsatisfying, incomplete.  The andropause is much less spoken about than the menopause.  Women believe that only they lose sex drive and fertility with age but this is not the case.  As men age testosterone production is attacked on two fronts: first men begin to produce estrogen, which destroys testosterone and secondly, the sexual hormone binding globulin (SHBG) increases and takes a lot of testosterone out of action.

Longer and Harder Erection

The result of the andropause is not only a weaker erection, it could mean complete impotence.  It might also mean losing hair, the gaining of weight around the middle area and a loss of muscle mass.  The consequence is not just the weakening of an erection – it is much more than this.

But, let’s assume for a second it is fine to want to enhance your erection – for it to be harder and last longer.  Let’s assume that this wish is for the increase in pleasure for yourself and your partner – is there any reason why you wouldn’t or shouldn’t want this? Of course, not.  Why wait until there is a problem to solve?

Tongkat Ali is a testosterone booster.  So, for men over 30 this is a supplement that will naturally replace the hormone that is being destroyed by estrogen and by the binding effects of SHBG.  For men still hoping to have children into late middle age, Tongkat Ali can really offer hope.

What is Tongkat Ali?

Tongkat Ali is also known as Eurycoma Longifolia Jack, Malaysian Ginseng or Longjack.  It is a flowering plant native to Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. It has been part of ancient medicine for centuries. 

The aphrodisiac effects of the herb are reliable.  They appear to work across a range of animal research projects – including older rats who were supposedly turned rampant by the herb.  Although Science has not sought out a definitive answer to whether the herb really works in human trials, the anecdotal evidence is very strong.  It has been used for centuries in Asia, as part of ancient medical therapies – and the argument proven by the healthy population rates in this continent.

As well as being an aphrodisiac, improving sex drive, it is also known as a pro-erectile agent.  There is at least one molecule in the herb - 9-hydroxycanthin-6-one – that is known to have directly impact on the quality of the erection.  But, the supplement works in so many other ways too. It allows for a delay in ejaculation, which can prolong the sexual experience and help men with rapid orgasm.


How does it work?

Longer and Harder Erection

Tongkat Ali works by boosting the amount of Leydig cells you have.  So, it doesn’t stimulate your pre-existing Leydig cells to produce more testosterone, which will eventually mean you will stop producing testosterone altogether.  There is no rebound effect and the health benefit is sustained – unlike some synthetic compounds that temporarily replace hormones but in the long run can cause more problems.

Tongkat Ali also releases testosterone from sexual hormone globule binding, which can leave it unavailable for the body to use.  This means that not only are you producing more testosterone but your body is able to use more of it effectively.  It releases the bind between SHGB and testosterone, therefore prolonged use of Tongkat Ali is completely fine. In 2012, there was a study of 76 men with hypogonadism.  Before the trial 35% of men had abnormally low testosterone.  After using Tongkat Ali, 90% of the men’s testosterone levels had jumped to the normal range.  

And with a boost to testosterone comes an increase in sex drive.  Tongkat Ali Root is more often than not bought by men who want an increase in libido and centuries of Chinese and Asian medical practice would suggest that it is successful.  One man who started taking the root because of a lack of sexual desire reported, after 10 days of use, sexual fantasies and a semi erection for much of the day. Also, studies on animals have seen impressive results.  The scientists claimed that Tongkat Ali root turned old rats into sex crazed beasts, with a massive increase in mounting behaviour.  The scientist also witnessed an increase in licking and general genital sniffing.

You would imagine with more testosterone comes increased fertility, but this is not necessarily true.  The fact that you have an increased libido doesn’t necessarily mean the quality of the semen, or that the sperm count will be any different.  Yet the study of 75 men who used Tongkat Ali Root every day for period of a month, experienced significant improvements in sperm count.  This lasted many months after the study had ended.  Medical follow ups of these men discovered an improvement in semen in its entirety. With this improvement comes an increase in the power of ejaculations.  This means that your semen will shoot stronger and farther.  Not only will it increase power, but will also reduce the recovery time between erections.  Add to this a harder erection to the power of the Tongkat Ali root extract. 

Tongkat Ali also combats cortisol, the stress hormone.  This is one reason why testosterone is boosted, as cortisol suppresses the production of other hormones.  However, this is not all.  Testosterone enjoys a partnership with dopamine.  The more testosterone you produce the more dopamine you are likely to produce too, and vice versa. A study found that for those taking Tongkat Ali there was an 11% decrease in tension, 12% reduction in anger and 15% less confusion.  So there is actual scientific evidence that shows why men feel better when they are sexually action!

So, it works on your testosterone and it helps with the quality of the orgasm.  The boost to testosterone also makes you feel happier and helps battle the effect of depression.  Therefore, even if it didn’t make your erection last longer and it didn’t make it harder – which it does – you would still feel better because the testosterone prompts the production of dopamine – our happy hormone.

Some general advice

Longer and Harder Erection

When a supplement comes with such wonderful claims for health benefits, there is a lot of opportunity for people to try to capitalise.  By choosing Tongkat Ali Extract, you are guaranteed of the quality of the extract – especially if you buy it from a quality producer.  First and foremost because it is an extract of the root and not a powder and that it as a capsule – as the herb can burn if taken in pure form.  Checking the label carefully and seeing the list of ingredients is important.  Credible suppliers will make sure that the root is not laced with lead or mercury, which is common in some other Tongkat Ali Root sources. 

The supplement works better if you use it for a period of time. Also, after a while your body will build a tolerance to the better effects of the herb.  By having a four week break then you are more likely to feel the effects when you do take the supplement.  This is not an instant solution like over the counter pharmaceutical sex aids, this is a long term improvement in your testosterone levels.  Therefore, it will take some time but the effects will also extend beyond one night and beyond time in the bed.  You can also expect a reduction in belly fat and a reduction in your moobs – it helps prevent age related hair loss and generally improves your wellbeing.

Therefore, when you first start taking the extract you might want to modify your expectations a little.  It may take a little while to take effect but the impact is much bigger.  It could take up to the third week before you feel the effects on your libido and improved ejaculations.  After a month you should certainly being feeling better, with an upsurge in well-being and libido.  If you don’t it might be a matter of increasing the dose or maybe just being a little patient.  Everybody is different and for you it might take a while for the effects to build up in your system.

It's all good?

Scientists and medics are happy to declare that Tongkat Ali is safe for most to use. With all rewards there will always some minor side effects. One of the known effects is insomnia – though whether you mind not sleeping considering the other effects is open to debate.  If you over do the dose it can do too much to improve your energy and vitality.  To make sure this doesn’t happen make sure you start slowly.  If you start to struggle to sleep it might be a sign that your dose is too high.  You may also notice, or your partner will, that you are becoming more agitated and aggressive.  This is an extension of the increase in testosterone and should be managed by reducing the dosage.

For most Eurycoma Longifolia promotes wellbeing.  However, some people are sensitive to hormonal changes and the increase or difference in balance of hormone may result in anxiety.  It is likely that you are pre-disposed to anxiety anyway but there is no point in perpetuating such an unpleasant side effect.  It is important that you stop taking the extract straight away.  You may need to choose a different supplement, such as Ginseng.  If you think this might be you but still want to try Indonesia Tongkat Ali Extract, then start slowly and build up your dose.

In Short…

Tongkat Ali Extract is able to help improve your erection.  By choosing to take Tongkat Ali Extract you are making a sound choice to improve your sense of well-being.  The root helps you to feel better in yourself.  There is truth in the fact that our sense of manliness is directly linked to our self-esteem.  We need to feel virile and full of vigour.  The heightened libido, the improvement in erection, the shortening of time between erections and the increase in the quality of semen, makes this supplement quite the wonder herb.  Any benefits far outstrip the potential issues with aggression and agitation.  If you take care, you should be able to take the extract without effect.

Remember, more than anything, that you need to buy your Tongkat Ali Extract from a reputable supplier.  The chances of receiving a placebo or a powder that claims to be pure but could equally be painful to take are high from suppliers you are not certain about.  Choosing a supplement through sites such as Amazon will help offer a badge of assurance.  Therefore, you need to reach for Indonesia Tongkat Ali Extract from a supplier who can certify that the supplement you have bought is going to have the effect you hoped for.

Tongat Ali Extract is a potent herb; some say it has five times the power of ginseng.  It has been used by native Indonesians for centuries and is known to make a man a figure of potent fertility, admired by his community.  Although you may not be revered as much as this, it will certainly make you feel a little more god-like.



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