How to be a Real-Life Christian Grey

How to be a Real-Life Christian Grey

You’ve certainly heard girls mention the name Christian Grey, the main protagonist of E.L. James’ 50 Shades of Grey book series. His character became controversial on a worldwide scale because of the extremes of his personality.

If you have read the book or watched the movie, you certainly get the idea why this elusive character has the girls swooning. Never mind his good looks and everything dreamy about Christian Grey, let us take a look at what other things make him what he is.  

How can men become real-life Christian Greys considering there is a huge shoe to fill? Fiction is sometimes unfair to mere mortals but again, these characters exist because they are what we idealize. Taking out the whole BDSM Christian Grey craziness which is entirely up to you to follow, let us take a look at the ways for an ordinary guy to be a real-life Christian Grey.

1)    Mind your clothes

Throughout the books, Christian Grey in his adult life was never portrayed as someone who was flabby and uncaring about his appearance. He wore suits that screamed elegance. He was polished and perfect. Christian Grey takes care of how he looks because looks may not be the ultimate test for a person’s identity but it matters.

Looks complete your packaging as a whole. People get judged most of the time by how they look. It’s not a good notion. However, you cannot deny the mechanisms of human psychology. The way other creatures have to make themselves look flamboyant, the novel illustrates how a man who looks his best can be on top of his game.

2)    Exercise regularly

Christian Grey always looks his best. E.L. James never lacked the emphasis of Christian Grey’s abs and toned body. The author painted a visual image in every reader’s mind that the protagonist had a perfect toned body that looked like it came straight from a Milan editorial magazine with an executive theme. The visual picture would not have been perfect if E.L. James did not describe how his body looked like.

And for you to achieve that, you need to work it. Whether you are blessed with good genes that make you slender and tall, nothing will sculpt your body like exercise would. So lift those weights and jog some or swim some. It will chisel your body in Christian Grey’s shape.


3)    Single-minded focus

You’d notice that Christian Grey goes a bit too much when it comes to his Anastasia Steele and his career. He owns an aircraft and can pilot an aircraft. He owns several enterprises and is single-minded in his attention. He does not take calls when he is in his Red Room of Pain. His focus on his partner makes the female reader’s swoon.

Most of the readers of the book are actually girls and this gives us the lesson that the author hit it right in terms of how he presented the ideal guy with the perks of his BDSM fetish. When he is with Anastasia, he gives her his full attention. When he makes love to her or does things with her, he leaves everything else and gives her all her focus. Is that a lot to take in?

For most guys, spending time with girls can be a bit of a bore. Girls want their partner to be their best friend, shrink, stalker, and everything else. So starting to train yourself to give your partner full attention can be a start.


4)    Aim for a lucrative career

For those who haven’t read his story, apparently Christian Grey has a net worth of billions. Don’t be disheartened if your net worth is still below the billion dollar mark. Christian Grey is a fictional character that girls admire. His billions of dollars are a result of an unfailing resolve to create a career that provides him the cash flow.

So if you want to be Christian Grey, work it. You want a Bugatti, work it. You want a Maserati, work it.

People have so many excuses why they are broke. The time they waste on excuses could have been spent applying for a job or making money by creating a business and providing people your own creativity and service.

People get disheartened because many people grow up with unsuccessful parents who have somehow psychology discouraged them to reach their full potential. That is complete garbage. Your life is in the very palm of your hands. If you throw in excuses as your dice, you’ll know what you’ll get-nothing.

One of the best lessons you can take away from the story of Christian Grey was that he started with nothing and was adopted by a family who was positive. Along the way, he met people who taught him the ways of business. You need to seek out the people who can drive you to be the man who moves things, creates value, creates products, creates things. The money is only a result and it is in direct proportion to the value you give out into the world. So raise your value, learn a new skill and be the best at it.

Stop complaining and stop blaming. I never read a part of the book where Christian Grey was complaining and blaming a business partner or his circumstance about something that happened. He took responsibility and the value he produces through his career earns him the money.

You can argue that it is just a fictional book but you can also read on the lives of real-life billionaires. The same applies to them. They create value, they do not make excuses, the take responsibility, and they act. The world pays them for the effort and the value they create. Try to be on your way and create that value.

5)    Channel your animal instincts

Christian Grey is a sexual freak in ways that are a more odd than ordinary.

However, this oddness has caught worldwide attention. As soon as the book got published, suddenly women realized that they wanted a dominant guy who could do things to them and make them bend their knees and kneel in obedience.

Not only that, Christian Grey takes action in bed and he makes himself last longer. It’s fiction, we know. However, there are ways by which you can achieve the maximum potential of your sexual capacity. Men, for one, increase their libido when testosterone is higher. This equation makes it easier for any man to be extremely dominant in bed. All you need to do is to increase your testosterone levels.

We recommend natural methods such as taking Tongkat Ali supplements instead of synthetic pills. Tongkat Ali increases testosterone by naturally stimulate the body’s natural production of testosterone instead of actually replacing it.

The best thing about it is that it is natural so you do not have to worry about side-effects because it is natural. When testosterone levels increase, blood circulation increases as well. This mechanism improves erection, stamina, and strength so you can be her master in bed.

6)    Show your desire

Modern day relationships, especially with the new breed of millennials, have been quite different from the past decades.

Courtship tradition has changed but the rules of the game remain the same. Notice how Christian Grey unapologetically shows his desire even at first. He shows in by a consuming eye-contact that seemed to disarm Anastasia. Although the book illustrates how Anastasia seemed to prolong the chase, readers are captivated by his unapologetic way of showing his desire. He shows he wants her and he has a laser focus on her when she is there. Men can be quite taken aback and have inhibitions at first. Insecurities can diminish a man's alpha dominance. To be a predator, you must not be scared of your prey. Be a lion instead of a mouse.

7)    Oozing confidence

There is a fine line between overconfidence and confidence. Either way, the difference between the two is too small that it is better to be either confident or overconfident than to be shy and timid.

Being shy, timid, anxious and insecure will not advance you to show your desire and be the man a girl would like to be a partner with. It is biologically ingrained in the brains of humans that unless a woman is born to have more testosterone than men, women will continually seek someone who has a protective nature, someone who is capable.

Showing a hint of shyness does not demonstrate that you are someone capable of protecting a woman. We know that modern feminism has given way to the strength of women in society. We are talking about biology here. During the old days when the enemy was a sabertooth tiger preying on humans, it was biologically automatic that the males would protect the females because of their strength and size.

The same goes today no matter how much we try to push feminism and women’s strengths. Women have a right to pursue whatever they want but to win them, you need to display the same strength our ancestors have showed their women, the natural confidence of a man.


8)    Display vulnerability

At the beginning of the book, Christian Grey projects himself as a strong individual who is shrouded in mystery. His emotions seemed to be guarded and he was always in control of everything around him.

However, in the latter part, Christian Grey shows his vulnerability to emotions, to love, to be human. Women are drawn towards the whole idea of perfection and dominance, strength and power. But at the end of the day, it serves a lesson that vulnerability will seal commitment, friendship, and relationships. It shows that he was willing to give back because the equation would have been unfair if the other person felt love while the other was unfeeling.

The twist of the novel also happens in real life, women are consumed by their constant desire to be loved. So when you feel that hugs and roses are total mush, think that it is not for you. Be vulnerable for a woman because women do not want a robot. Although standards for men have increased and decreased over time, vulnerability always appeals to women. It makes you emotionally available for them.

The sexual aspect of a relationship is vital but you can attract women more by showing your emotional availability and you do this by displaying your vulnerable side. Don’t feel bad when you display your vulnerability. Christian Grey had his vulnerable moments that won the love of his life.


9)    Be territorial

The characteristic of being territorial or possessive goes back to our primitive ancestors. It is usually the males who guard their territories to keep them safe. It is the males who keep the women safe from other men’s desires. We have become a civilized society that has imbibed the ideas of freedom that we forget that primitive instincts still affect the human psyche. Being possessive towards your partner does not make you look weak. It makes you look strong enough to know and defend what you own.

A part in E.L. James book actually illustrates how Christian Grey was possessive of Anastasia when he had an encounter with a rival male. This is different from getting yourself into trouble. Being territorial means letting the woman see you as you see your worth. That you are worth respecting and you are capable of keeping her within your boundaries. This trait signals a primitive perception of male strength. So mark your territories because only the strong can do that.

These tips on how to be a real-life Christian Grey are grounded on natural and empirical evidence that happens in our society. It is also backed up by the practical biological facts that we are all bound to. The book provides a witty illustration of character on what women want. This is justified by the soaring sales of the books as it had reached the best-seller mark. If you find yourself a woman who acquiesce the BDSM arrangement, then you can complete that whole Christian Grey façade. However, you need to realize that these nine steps are rooted in giving you the ways on how to achieve the traits of an ideal man in ways that you can, in ways that you must have had inhibitions, and in ways that are now possible for you. Start today and share it with friends who want to become like Christian Grey. Proven methods are the best ways for you to reach your full potential and that is exactly what constitutes the character of Christian Grey.

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