Ultimate list of Natural Aphrodisiacs for Men

Top 10 Natural Aphrodisiacs for Men

This has got to be the best Top 10 countdown of all time.  Remember when you used to tune into the radio to hear about the top sold records of that week? Well, here is the same sort of rundown, number 10 to number 1 – but this time focused on the natural supplement that can give you a raucous time between the sheets.

Natural Aphrodisiacs for men

So, listen up  – here is your natural aphrodisiac countdown for men!


Who knew that the seed that most people throw out when making their Halloween lantern is actually a powerhouse for sex drive!

First in our top ten countdown is the lowly pumpkin seed – full of zinc – which is essential in the production of your testosterone. 

Not quite enough to be considered a testosterone booster – but this natural hormone balancer might be enough to give your system a bit of a kick.

Number 9: CACAO

In at number 9 is the most important ingredient of dark chocolate.  This is not cocoa – look again – this the base for what becomes cocoa – but it is best pure.  It contains theobromine, caffeine – both stimulants – it also contains the aphrodisiac phenylethylamine. 

It has been used as a sexual stimulant for centuries in Central America.  It gets the coveted number 9 spot because of the genuine fact that Aztec prostitutes have been paid in cacao beans... and it produces chocolate … amazing!

Number 8: YOHIMBE

Now for the monster hits of the sexual stimulant supplements! Yohimbe is a successful aphrodisiac in the US! It works by increasing blood flow to your genitals and therefore increases sexual sensitivity and desire. 

It comes from the bark of the tree – check the label of supplements and make sure the extract is taken from the right part of this natural aphrodisiac.


Speak to an ancient Chinese herbalist – one of those super old men who seem to have seen centuries pass before their eyes – and they will tell you that Gingko Biloba – its seeds in particular – are a powerful sexual stimulant. 

It has invigorated Chinese and Japanese men for centuries – increasing stamina in bed.  It is clear that its history alone makes it a deserved fixture in the top ten aphrodisiacs of all time!

Number 6: GINSENG

What,,, Ginseng only at Number 6? This is the king of the aphrodisiac supplement – well known and compared often to Viagra.  This is only if you get the correct Ginseng and not other supplements that share the same name. 

Look for Panax Ginseng!  This is superb for increasing sexual desire when taken gradually over a period.  It is at number 6 because this is most effective for women – but will do some good for men too!


Coming in strong at number 5 are the beans that look as if they are made of velvet. Grown in Africa and India, in tropical regions, this has long been a traditional remedy for a host of conditions. 

It is best known for helping overcome a loss of sexual desire, impotence and sterility.  This is one powerful supplement!

Number 4: MACA

Hitting the heights is a hot little number: Maca.  This aphrodisiac has some history – all the way back to the Inca Empire.  It was used by Inca peoples to invigorate warriors and give them enough stamina to fight. 

It is also known to be a great push for libido.  It is grown in the Andes Mountains, in hostile territory for any plant, so the little powerhouse draws its nutrients from the rocks and stony soil.

The Peruvians are a big fan of this supplement and will tell you that it will put a spring in your step.


The Indian prize comes in at number three. Ashwagandha is known to invigorate and maintain youth.  Indian traditional medicine prescribes this supplement as a sexual stimulant – helpful to promote sexual desire in both men and women. 

And so, with its promise of youth, its help for both men and women, this amazing little plant comes high in our top ten supplements of all time.


Close to hitting the top spot, Horny Goat Weed gets its name from a myth told by a goat herder who claims his goats were driven wild after eating this herb – rampant with desire – he could not stop them. 

It comes so high in our countdown because it is known to have fuelled the immortals – helping Yin and Yang to find heaven on earth.  It also did a fair bit for cows... with this sort of testimony, there is no doubt that it will help mortal men enjoy a great night!

Science says that the supplement Epimedium, its official name, includes elements that helps hormone balance, blood flow and has a chemical effect on sexual drive.  It is a great all rounder... and according to Chinese legend it can add 12 years to your life!


This is a super testosterone booster. It doesn't necessarily mean you get more testosterone.  The extract taken from the root of the tree helps your body keep hold of your testosterone – so it doesn't get destroyed by age. 

This supplement is top of all the aphrodisiac supplements because it helps with erectile dysfunction, loss of libido, it decreases the gap between erections and increases semen output – all the wonders of pharmaceuticals without the pesky side effects. 

This is a major player in the supplement world – so make sure you get the "genuine" extract from the root and "pure".  It will really help you have the time of your life.

Natural Aphrodisiacs for men

So, this top ten countdown of nature's bounty.  There is an abundance of help out there to help you stay fertile and help you maintain the life you want in the bedroom. 


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