What are L-Theanine Side Effects?

Chemical substances have both their advantages and disadvantages. The point where alternative chemicals are used for therapeutic purposes, there are cases when these do not work accordingly. One of the highly regarded compounds is L-Theanine, an organic compound, which is responsible for reducing stress and anxiety-related issues.

Although many would talk over the favor of using or consuming products with L-Theanine, for its effect in reducing anxiety by enhancing brain hormones for getting sound sleep. The product, like any other organic compound, has its set of flaws. Many have complained over the side effects on consumption of the product. The reasons vary and sometimes it’s better not to choose these compounds.

On a generic footnote, food products like green and black tea are highly regarded for being natural L-Theanine comprising products. Without much of a sedative effect, the chemical works wonders for keeping the human health staying fit. To talk over the advantages of the product is something known to a lot, but certainly not the drawbacks.

Drawbacks of Theanine

Theanine has its share of side effects, which makes the consumer rethink their consumption of products with the chemical. Although it is present on some of the safest food diet, here are some of the factors experienced by many, which classifies to be a major setback.

  • Loss of Hunger: There have been quite a few queries on how does Theanine backed food affects the hunger and food cycle of humans. Most of them have no issues in eating, while some face loss of appetite for different health conditions. One major reason might be because of some other health issues combining with the effect of the product. Thus, it is recommended to avail the services of the doctor before proceeding with any such alternatives.
  • Low Blood Pressure Issues: Studies have taken up a few research analyses, which has shown that a good amount of L-Theanine may affect the condition to lower blood pressure. This is a great alternative for those who are suffering from high blood pressure conditions, but certainly not for those who his leading a fit life with constant blood pressure.
  • Gastro Issues: A handful number of people have developed gastrointestinal issues, right from the time of consuming Theanine products on a frequent However, the condition is deemed rare and people can feel free about suffering them frequently.
  • Nausea: Nausea is one more health effect, which may affect a good number of people. However, the issue is only applicable to people consuming Theanine with an intoxicating product like Alcohol. Many complain of feeling nauseated while consuming the same on the empty stomach.
  • Problems in Concentration: Theanine does a good job in controlling anxiety related issues to a great deal. However, when it is combined with caffeine-rich products, can result in causing difficulties while concentrating over a certain thing. It is suggested on avoiding any such mixture.
  • Headaches: This is perhaps the most complained health condition while consuming products with L-Theanine. Almost a major chunk of people experiences the issue and once again when it is combined with a caffeine product and consumed. Even in some cases, headache is a common symptom without caffeine, and this may be because of the over-consumption of the product.

Drawbacks of L-Theanine are a cluster of different health reactions. Although the product has its own issues, consuming it with a mixture of caffeine products shows adverse effects more often. Thus, it is always recommended to use it independently and importantly only after consulting a medical specialist, regarding its dosages.






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