What are the Benefits of Stinging Nettle?

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Urtica Dioica, commonly known as Stinging nettle, is a medicinal plant with a long history of its own in herbal medicine. It is common in Egypt and some of the European countries. The reason behind the name of the plant is the needle-like structure that is found on edges along the leaves and stem of the plant. It injects a serum that causes pain when in contact with human body. Surprisingly, the inflicted pain is felt but existing pain tends to ease, which also is accounted as a benefit.

There is no way to consume the plant raw, the plant is dried, freeze-dried or cooked to lose the effect of needle-like hair. The leaves and shoot of the plant are used for certain benefits, and the root is used for an uncommon benefit. The consumption quantity and method widely vary for different purposes.

  • Nutrient Rich: The plant is filled with important nutrients from the root to the tip, a few of which are rarely found nutrients. The nutrient list includes Vitamin A, C, K and B, essential minerals, good fats, amino acids, Polyphenols and some vital pigments like lutenin and Beta-carotene. Most of these have a specific purpose in contributing to various cures.
  • Reduce Chronic Inflammation: Chronic inflammation is the reason for the pain caused in the knee joints and lowers back most commonly with aging and hormonal imbalance. Stinging nettle interferes with those hormones and relaxes the pain-prone Osteoarthritis is said to be treatable with this extract. A controlled study showed significant results when used alone that allowed the reduction of the dose of inorganic medicines.
  • Bleeding: Urtica Dioica can help you to control bleeding or even stop to a certain level. The research found a compound created from various extracts, one of which is stinging nettle, can reduce bloodshed during surgery. One of the ancient purposes of the plant was to control internal bleeding of any sorts like urinal blood, blood in bowel movement, etc.

  • Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH): The plant is known widely for relieving and curing issues related to urinary tract ever since the plant was identified for herbal use. The root of the plant is the source of extract for such treatments whereas the other benefits take the source from compounds found in stem and leaves. Consumption of stinging nettle extracts in any form eases and reduces the urinary tract problem of the pre-prostate issue which otherwise is known as BPH. This technique of irrigation therapy is used for other similar disorders like urinary tract inflammation and kidney stones.
  • Hay Fever: This allergy occurs along the lining of the nose. Urtica Dioica extracts control the immune cells that produce chemicals causing inflammation in the region. However, the effect of this herb is found to be more-or-less equal to that of the existing treatment, so few types of research concentrate on this aspect of the plant.
  • Blood Pressure Control: Urtica Dioica can stimulate nitric oxide production that relaxes muscles and calcium channel blockers. This relaxes the heart ending up in reduced blood pressure and makes you feel relaxed.
  • Maintain Sugar Level: The plant is tested to have the alternative of insulin, which helps keep the blood sugar level in control when dosed in small quantities for a period of time.

Bottom Line

Most of the benefits are still in the research phase or not noticed by the researchers yet. Stinging nettle is one such popular plant having multiple benefits, but not adapted for mainstream medicine yet. Hence, always consult a physician before you consume it.  


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