What Are The Side Effects Of Tongkat Ali Consumption And How Are They Consumed?


The shrub Eurycoma longifolia, commonly known as Tongkat Ali, is found in the Southeast Asian countries and widely used as alternative medicine in the surrounding places. The extract of the plant is known for its ability to recover sexual vitality and for its anti-aging characters, which mostly are true. It has gained attention in the international research industry in the local as an alternative medicine, attaining the status of “protected” species. 

Having high profile benefits sure comes with a few side effects in the natural form. Tongkat Ali is, however, not a mainstream drug. Its both benefits and drawbacks are the outcomes of researches in the control environment.

How Does Tongkat Ali Take Effect?

The plant, otherwise called longjack, is rich in many bioactive compounds, enhancing the overall body activity. Other than the dominant quassinoids and alkaloids, there are eurypeptides that helps normalize the hormone levels. They do not act directly on the body parts instead, take over the central hub in the brain. Most of our internal organs are controlled by the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis (HPA axis), which is a small portion of the brain. The adaptogenic and restorative nature of the herb set right the HPA axis, properly setting the adrenals, thyroid, and reproductive functions.


The plant’s root and shoot are said to be rich in compounds – quassinoids and alkaloids. These are mostly used in as alternative medicine. The extracts are directly or indirectly use in beverages, too. People can consume Tongkat Ali in the form of capsule supplements, energy drink, or its own. The estimated consumption average at 200mg of concentrate either as a powder or in a beverage.

Side Effects and Safety

The extracts of Eurycoma longifolia consumed in any form is considered to be safe up to 200mg per day for a period of nine months, which is based on the maximum period of a test conducted.

  • Restlessness and Insomnia

As the herb is said to improve the overall body functioning and anti-aging, this might take you to extremes if you're already at the optimum body functioning. You will tend to see hyper activeness, restless behavior, and absence of sleep.  Any person of any age category might also experience these symptoms if the consumption goes more than 200mg. Those who experience hyper activeness are advised to stop the medication right away.

  • Pregnancy

Though the condition has no proven effect on pregnant women and infants during the breastfeeding phase, it is not advisable for them to take Longjack capsules.

  • Immune System

Since the drug interferes with the secretion of most hormones that boost the functionality of the body straight from the HPA axis, people with a weaker immune system and other common issues like blood pressure and diabetes are not recommended to consume this herb. Other hormones-related diseased bearers of diseases like thyroid, hormone-related cancer, and heart diseases are also advised to stay away from the herb.

  • Lead and Mercury Poisoning

In the current availability of Tongkat Ali distribution through pills available in Malaysia, mercury and lead are tested to be found in very minor propositions. Though they do not take effect immediately, it might lead to serious consequences when consumed over a long period.

Researches are going on in various parts of the world to use the bio-compounds in improving the testosterone levels. Tongkat Ali is also used as a health booster to help sportspersons and athletes to perform better. This anti-aging herb will be a great boon to the humankind if the side effects, which are caused by chemicals are separable using modern techniques.



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