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Why look for the Best Aromatase Inhibitor Supplements

best Aromatase Inhibitor supplement

Truth be told, out there is a jungle full of many manufacturers (some reputable others not) making aromatic inhibitor supplements (some true some not), and it can be hard to make a wise decision. In light with that, the success of your decision depends on the efficacy of choice made.

What Are Aromatase Inhibitor Supplements?

These are supplements made with the intention of being used off-label to reduce the conversion of estrogen from testosterone when the individual is on cycle with external testosterone. Aromatase is an estrogen-synthesizing enzyme. Aromatase inhibitors inhibit the conversion of androgens into estrogen. Research indicates that aromatase inhibitors can reverse age-related declines of the hormone testosterone.

Estrogen plays a vital role in the male species; it promotes sperm maturation. However, when it comes to muscle building, estrogen has some obscuring purposes since it promotes accumulation of subcutaneous body fat and water retention. As such, many muscle builders turn to aromatase inhibitor supplements to block the aromatization. But how do you identify which aromatase inhibitor supplement works for you? Well, I am here to give you the best aromatase inhibitor supplements in the market. Let us evaluate the following:

  1. AE-3

This aromatase inhibitor supplement is produced by SD-200 and is so far the most potent estrogen blocker that delivers to the user three main benefits:

  • Inhibits Aromatase and offsets the testosterone/estrogen imbalance thereby increasing the amount of available testosterone.
  • Reduces serum estrogen optimizing powerful testosterone cell stimulation which increases sexual arousal and libido too, while at the same time ensures that the brain stimulates the production of more serum testosterone.
  • Excess estrogen has a role in increasing the production of Sex hormone binding globulin, SHBG. AE-3 blocks the attachment of testosterone to these molecules making sure that there is freer testosterone in the blood for improved sex drive and endurance in men.

Key Ingredients and How They Work

  • Chrysin- a bioflavonoid compound which acts as a natural aromatase-inhibitor, produces anti-anxiety chemicals inducing a relaxing effect on the brain in a similar manner as diazepam, but without impairing motor activity.
  • Piperine- pepper extracts that increase the bioavailability of Chrysin.
  • Nettle root- increases free testosterone levels by displacing bound testosterone attached to SHBG binding site. Nettle also inhibits the binding of Dihydrotestosterone, DHT, to the attachments sites available on the prostate membrane.
  • Diindolylmethane (DIM) plays two major roles; inhibits the aromatase enzyme and converts estrogen into less potent forms reducing the overall effect of estrogen on the body.
  1. Magnum Nutraceutical E-Brake

Like the name suggests this aromatase inhibitor supplement puts a brake on aromatase thereby lessening the presence of free estrogen. So what does this product have in store for you?

Ingredients And How They Work

  • Brassaiopsis Glomerulata Extracts- contain Dehydololiolide and N-Benzoyl-L-phenylalanine which are potent aromatase inhibitors.
  • Acacetin- works synergistically with the B. Glomerulate.
  • Helarsperidin- a flavonoid compound with pronounced anti-estrogen effects such as aromatase inhibition.
  • Pygeum Bark- displaces DHT from the prostate membrane.

The product also contains stinging nettle leaf extracts, piperine, and Vitamin D3- a fat soluble vitamin playing significant roles in hormone production.

  1. Natures Way DIM-Plus

As the name suggests, DIM-Plus is nature's way of reducing your estrogen levels. This product contains DIM as the only ingredient; it has no petri dish-made preservatives or binders.

Working Principle of DIM

Diindolylmethane, a component of Indole-3-carbinol is a nutrient found in Brassica family members most notably broccoli, cauliflower, and kale. Research verifies that this element has potent effects on estrogen metabolism and also prevents either the drastic increase or decrease of the hormone. When used in small amounts, DIM can inhibit aromatase and also increase the conversion of potent estrogen forms into less powerful forms. DIM also confers numerous anti-cancer effects on the body. However, when taken in large amounts, DIM reverses the mentioned benefits leading to an overall increase of estrogen.

Word of Caution:

There are some concerns that DIM can aggravate hormone-sensitive conditions such as endometriosis, uterine fibroids, and hormone-dependent cancers.  Also, self-treating chronic diseases with DIM while abandoning or delaying primary care could have dangerous side effects. There is no evidence confirming these suggestions but take that into consideration when planning on embarking on DIM based products.

Take Home: Due to the reservations mentioned above, it is recommended that you include cruciferous vegetables to complement your dietary Indole3-carbinol, to enhance your overall health.

  1. Pure Encapsulation Resveratrol Vesisorb

Unlike most of the compounds named above that have flavonoids as the vital element delivering the excellent results, Pure Encapsulation uses Resveratrol as the bio-nutrient. Plants produce Resveratrol through the activity of an enzyme called Resveratrol-synthase.

There are many Resveratrol products in the market but here is the reason why I went for Pure Encapsulation: Most industrial supplements claiming to have this phenol will deliver nothing to you because the compound is incredibly bio-unavailable to human beings. In other words, while lab rats show significant absorption and after that effectiveness, the human body is almost incapable of reaping these benefits as the liver conjugates the phenol structure and also deactivates it through glucuronidation and sulphation. However, Pure Encapsulation smartly makes its Resveratrol with vesisorb delivery system allowing the body to benefit from the active compound entirely.

For years now, Resveratrol has produced desirable and significant results as an anti-estrogen compound. In fact, most scientific research validates that the compound increases testosterone levels in the body. The most validated working principle of Resveratrol is: since it can increase the presence of cyclic AMP, it can also activate androgen receptors allowing testosterone to bind instead of estrogen. However, in the lab, the compound has shown significant promise as an aromatase inhibitor. The only problem it faced was the bioavailability, and since Pure Encapsulation has tackled that issue for you, nothing is standing between you and this aromatase inhibitor supplement. So grab some.

  1. SD Pharmaceuticals Acacetin 99

This product acts an anti-aromatase and anti-estrogen support formula that pumps up availability of free testosterone.

Key Ingredient is Acacetin which is a natural flavone derived from the Damiana plant. Any excess testosterone in the body is usually converted to estrogen leading to excess fat gain and development of man breasts. Acacetin blocks the aromatase enzyme ensuring that your free testosterone circulates in your bloodstream for increased muscular strength and muscle gain.

Risk Factors

You should not take aromatic inhibitors when pregnant or nursing. For dosage instructions check the manufacturer labels and follow them to the latter. Do not, for whatsoever reason, exceed manufacturers recommended dosage. Small amounts of estrogen in your body confer benefits to you as a man in a similar manner in which testosterone levels in the female body does. To the ladies, lots of estrogen in your blood is disastrous but so are minuscule amounts.

Hence which is the Best Aromatase Inhibitor Supplement?

From this evaluation it is only right to approve AE-3 as the most superior aromatase inhibitor supplement in the industry. Pure Science Supplements uses the most potent aromatase inhibiting ingredient- Chrysin to make the product, and then they blend it with DIM and natural extracts to offer synergetic support to the main ingredient. What more would you be looking for in a supplement?


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