Why SD-200 is the best Natural Testosterone Booster

Before we look at why SD-200 is the best natural testosterone booster, lets look at the problems first.


Natural Testosterone Booster

While we all have heard the term Menopause quite often, Andropause is quite unheard of and rather misunderstood. It is a term which has been coined to explain all the changes that a men’s body undergoes as he nears the old age. Studies show that the key event which triggers all these changes is a gradual decrease in the natural testosterone production in the body. Therefore, natural testosterone boosters seem quite an obvious solution to combat Andropause. However, easier said than done, we will now focus on the dilemmas of Andropause, ways to combat them and why SD-200 is one of the best natural testosterone booster available.

Unlike Menopause, Andropause is rather gradual and insidious. As men age, there is a gradual decline in the circulating levels of testosterone; the primary male hormone. Being the main anabolic hormone of the body, testosterone has a myriad of functions in the human body including muscle and bone growth, maintaining libido, developing secondary sexual characteristics and growth of body hair. With a decline in its level, aging men gradually feel a decrease in muscle mass and strength; a condition termed as sarcopenia along with a decrease in bone mass and most prominently sexual dysfunction characterized by impotence, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation or decreased libido (sexual desire).


Side effects of Testosterone Boosters

Natural Testosterone Booster

Necessity being the mother of invention, soon numerous clinical trials, researches and studies were launched to identify and look for solutions to the problems of Andropause. Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) seemed an obvious answer. But, it was soon realized that the risks of TRT far outweighs the benefits. TRT could cause more harm than benefit and was associated with increased incidence of prostate carcinoma, gradual shrinkage of testicles, increased chances of heart diseases, swelling of the body and joint pains to just name a few. Other less hazardous but somewhat less effective options to combat the effect of Andropause included daily physical activities and better nutrition along with supplementation with specific amino acids. However, these options were merely a symptomatic solution and did not address the root cause of Andropause, that is, a decrease in natural testosterone production by the body. Since pharmacological interventions were risky, attention was drawn to natural methods to increase the body’s testosterone. Surprisingly, natural testosterone boosters have been available for centuries.

Benefits of Natural Testosterone Booster

Natural Testosterone Booster

Eurycoma Longifolia, also known as Tongkat Ali is a medicinal plant widely available in South Asian countries like Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam. It has been known for centuries for a myriad of medicinal benefits in both men and women. Among its many benefits, it is said to act as an aphrodisiac and a natural testosterone booster. It also prevents the weakening of bones (osteoporosis) associated with aging. Tongkat Ali itself does not act as a hormone in the body; rather it enhances the body’s own production of testosterone and is, therefore, side effect-free, unlike TRT. Many herbal supplements available to boost men’s health nowadays contain Tongkat Ali. In fact, the boom in popularity of Tongkat Ali as a natural testosterone booster has led to problems such as fake supplements and illegal smuggling of Tongkat Ali. It is therefore very important to be sure that the herbal supplement one is consuming is safe and effective as well.

SD-200, a boon

Currently, SD-200 is not only safe but also an effective and undoubtedly one of the best natural testosterone boosters available in the market. Firstly, it is manufactured and marketed by Pure Science Supplements Pte Ltd, a biotechnological research company based in Singapore. The company specializes in research and application of medicinal herbs and plants found in South Asian countries. Furthermore, it is a WHO-GMP certified company and has USA-FDA approval coupled with the fact that Singapore has very strict rules and regulation concerning the manufacture of any pharmaceutical product or health supplements, vouches for the genuineness of SD-200. Over the past few years, an illegal market for Tongkat Ali and fake herbal supplements have burgeoned worldwide fooling people out of their money and sometimes posing a downright health hazard.

Some herbal supplements claim to contain Tongkat Ali where actually they do not contain any such thing. Yet other supplements which were supposed to be purely herbal were found to contain pharmacological agents rather than natural testosterone boosters. Indeed, if a natural herbal supplement promises instant good results, then it is most likely a fake one and contains a pharmaceutical product. Most men going through Andropause do experience some form of sexual dysfunction like premature ejaculation or inability to maintain an erection. In these cases, pharmaceutical drugs like Sildenafil, Tadalafil and Dapoxetine are sometimes prescribed by doctors for treatment. These drugs usually have a very fast onset of action and results are immediate. However, all of them are a prescription drugs and require a physician's recommendation. Some fake and quack companies actually sell these drugs in disguise of herbal supplements and natural testosterone boosters. Uninitiated users of these supplements get fooled easily as they see immediate effects. Not only these claim to contain non-existent Tongkat Ali, but they are also a health hazard as a result of containing an unregulated amount of drugs. SD-200 does not contain any pharmaceutical product and its results are visible on continued use, not instantly.

Why choose SD-200 over others?

Another important point is that Tongkat Ali is now a legally protected species of plant in many South Asian countries. It is illegal and a punishable offense to extract or import any form of Tongkat Ali without proper permission from the Government. Under these circumstances, any company selling natural testosterone boosters without proper approval from the government are either selling fake or illegal Tongkat Ali or some other unclaimed and hazardous ingredient. SD-200 imports its Tongkat Ali extracts from Indonesia, where it is still widely available and easily commercialized. Once again, the strict laws governing in Singapore concerning herbal supplements and edible products ensures that nothing but the best is available to the public.

During clinical trials, it was found out that it is the water based extract of Tongkat Ali that is the best and most efficacious for consumption. Therefore, one must ensure that while buying any natural testosterone booster, it contains the water-based extract of Tongkat Ali, not any other form. Furthermore, while extracting the most active ingredient of Tongkat Ali, a certain concentration is achieved which is directly proportional to its efficacy. Some commonly available concentration and extraction ratios are 1; 60 or 1; 120. SD-200, by virtue of its extraction ratio of 1; 200, has the highest concentration of Tongkat Ali per mg. It is, therefore, the most efficacious among the natural testosterone boosters available.

Lastly, one more point in favor of SD-200 is that any male health supplement claiming to be a natural testosterone booster and containing any amount of Tongkat Ali will not be cheap and easily available everywhere. This is because, the amount of time, finance, and hard work which goes into the importation, extraction of Tongkat Ali and manufacture of the herbal supplement warrants a certain price at which it can be sold. A cheaply and easily available natural testosterone booster is most likely not genuine or has illegal and unregulated ingredients. SD-200 is exclusively available from its website and trusted retailers. Furthermore, the price at which it is sold might seem more than average, but its high concentration of Tongkat Ali per capsule ensures that in the long run, lesser supplements will be required. It hence provides value for money. It is also recommended that SD-200 be taken in a cyclical manner rather than continuously. This ensures that our body is always receptive to the beneficial effects of SD-200 and at the same time, it also mimics the natural secretion of testosterone by the body which is cyclical rather than continuous.

Ultimately, with advancing age, men are going to suffer the effects of Andropause. If life expectancy has tripled over the last few centuries, so have our woes concerning the advancing age. But this does not mean that we accept our gradually weakening bones, decreasing muscle strengths and mass, diminishing libido and increasing comorbidities and sexual dysfunctions without giving a good fight. Natural testosterone boosters, if used wisely provide a very strong weapon to offset and sometimes even reverse these undesirable side-effects we associate with aging. The question is, however, how to ensure that we are buying the correct product when the medical market is filled with a gazillion products, each claiming to be better than the other?


In a nutshell

The answer is a meticulous research on any product before buying and testing it. We find SD-200 to be the best natural testosterone booster available on the market because it matches our checklist of criteria of a genuine product. To summarize, an efficient natural herbal supplement should more or less fulfill these criteria:


  • Contain purely natural ingredients and be free from impurities
  • Be manufactured and marketed by a reputable and certified company
  • Be at least GMP certified and have an FDA approval
  • Have a very good concentration of Tongkat Ali per mg
  • Reasonable pricing with good value for money
  • No false claim and no hidden active pharmaceutical ingredients
  • No illegally acquired basic ingredients
  • High level of customer satisfaction


SD-200 emerges a winner in all these criteria. We therefore highly recommend it. It certainly deserves a chance and more respect for being a genuine product during a time when fake products and quack companies easily rule the market.

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